Why you should invest in crypto

Are you considering investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology but not sure how to get started? Cryptocurrencies are currently one of the most lucrative markets in the world, and it’s only going to get more exciting. There are many reasons you should invest in crypto:

It is a highly speculative market, facilitating huge returns if you can ride out the dips and manage risk well.

Most projects require little financial investment, and the barrier for entry is low. Starting with as little as $100 can potentially make you a millionaire. Even if you don’t plan to spend any money, you can still learn a lot about investing, blockchain technology, and entrepreneurship.

There is a lot of room for growth. While cryptocurrencies are already reaching one billion dollars in value, there are still plenty of prime opportunities for investments that could bring in even greater returns. The market is in its infancy, and it feels like truly anything can happen.

Crypto is relatively untested compared to other markets (like stocks) so there are more opportunities to discover hidden gems. Whereas the stock market may be considered well-covered territory, forward-looking investments in crypto still remain unexplored territory.

There is potential for high profits without commensurate risk exposure. Some of the best investments in this market have been highly correlated to bitcoin (BTC), which has grown exponentially over the past few years. According to current projections that coin will reach $100,000 in 2023 — if not more. Investing organically into projects that revolutionize cryptocurrencies can be equally (or more) lucrative.

Crypto is a technological industry, built by innovation-driven entrepreneurs. As opposed to the traditional IPO model, companies in the crypto industry can gain traction or generate revenue through token sales and initial coin offerings-two mechanisms that involve distributing a cryptocurrency based on future anticipated earnings. This eliminates the need to collect funds via share offerings. Moreover, some of the coming game-changers in this market will be the product of technological developments, while older markets remain bound by regulatory norms and procedures. These opportunities may be beyond the reach of older markets and more open to crypto-based businesses-bridging the traditional gap between markets and providing new opportunities for profitable investments.

As crypto gains traction, it will yield greater returns. The cryptocurrency markets have elicited such tremendous returns recently that venture capital investors have started dipping their toes in this growing alternative asset class. Institutional investors are beginning to align their portfolios with crypto, which will ultimately provide large profit outlet for smaller investors as well.

The risks inherent in crypto investments are mitigated by their intrinsically limited nature (at least for now). Thanks to the limited supply of this market and increasing demand from institutional investors, it is unlikely eligible cryptocurrencies will ever depreciate to their intrinsic value. The same can’t be said of digital assets within centralized organizations, which are risky by design. Furthermore, volatility of digital assets doesn’t represent real loss potential due to their definition as intangible assets, whereas volatility in traditional markets could make existing stock prices drop suddenly without warning or rebound rapidly without justification.

If you’re interested in technology and entrepreneurship, crypto investments require less time than starting a new business, keeping up with current events within pre-existing businesses, or building off-the-shelf products. Less experienced entrepreneurs can still learn a lot by investing their money, which could potentially lead them down the path of becoming an entrepreneur and innovator themselves. Because some of these projects are open source, eventually anyone will be able to capitalize on them-for free. By investing in one of these projects early on, you could increase your own opportunity to benefit from these initiatives significantly should they grow over time. On top of that, it’s possible that some projects that currently exist only as ideas will never come to fruition outside of their initial blockchain landing page; however, there are just as many (if not more) innovations that have yet to be uncovered-ideas that could become meaningful uses for the technology or completely change how we approach digital ownership altogether.

The crypto markets are easily accessible and multilingual. Trading cryptos is very similar to trading fiat currencies and can be carried out at any hour on both weekdays and weekends using popular online exchanges like CEX or Changelly and local exchanges like GDAX or Kraken. Furthermore, a variety of translation services like Google Translate make it easy to keep up with projects regardless of their native language base (although English usage is significantly more common). Even better, market information is universally searchable due to blockchain records being publically available without any special permission necessary — just an internet connection and web browser. This transparency means anyone can easily shop around for information on specific coins or blockchain startups with various features for his or her situation. Instead of having to dive into legal documents or contact customer service departments individually for information on every project you find interesting, you can learn everything you need from one website or forum post. Once you decide what projects look best for your portfolio based on your personal preferences or criteria, you can begin monitoring their price trends from then on and decide on a time to buy or sell whenever works best for your schedule. While researching new cryptocurrency investments may seem complicated at the outset, new users will quickly find that the process becomes increasingly streamlined over time and shouldn’t feel too confusing in the long run. Crypto investors who favor transparency over leveraging established institutions will enjoy unprecedented access to information as this market continues to develop in an increasingly complex but cohesive way moving forward.

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