Why i shifted to TurnKey Internet Web hosting from my previous WebHosting provider & why it’s the…

Sujan Pokhrel Stc

Having a web hosting provider who is not available when you need them the most is very, very frustrating. My story begun on December 20, 2020.

I had been hosting my application/website from a reseller here on Nepal (my country). The problem with my previous hosting provider was that, his support was by far the worst support that any IT sector could provide. So irresponsible and unreliable.

I made a purchase from my hosting provider a dedicated server worth $2800+ per year. If you make purchase for that large amount, you would definitely expect good customer support and assistance.

I had made that purchase around , may be the end of November,2019 and it would expire on December, 2020. I was not sure when it would expire because i was not provided with the hosting expiry date. I knew that it would expire somewhere between November to December. So, i called my hosting provider to ask for the date of service expiry. As i said, his support was the worst. He didn’t pick up my call for around 3 DAYS. I kept on calling him frequently but no response.

He then finally picked up the call after 3 days. I asked him when would the server expire. He said, at the end of December, may be around 20 December. So, i thought, well that’s enough time for now, i will now manage funds and then reach him by December 15.

And i did. I managed the funds of around 2,800+ and called him on December 15, and he didn’t pickup my phone. He didn’t pick up my phone for 5 days straight.

You can imagine how frustrated i was. I didn’t know when the server would expire. Not knowing the expiry date means not knowing when to backup the server, when to run the maintenance and so.

So, why did i keep on sticking to same hosting provider ? you may ask.

The answer is, firstly, i had made a huge payment for the server and everyone would like to get full out of it. And also, purchasing another server, configuring it, backing up and restoring around TBs of data would be a huge inconvenience then just renewing the server. Also, i searched whole google for affordable web hosting but couldn’t find the rate he was offering me for dedicated server. — That’s why.

Story continues..

Finally, he picked my phone on December 20,2020 (Day of server expiry). I asked him when would server expire and he literally said, “Oh haven’t it expired already ?”. And, he said he would call back after few minutes and check into my expiry date.

And just like that he vanished again.

Loosing data of even few minutes would be a disaster and we are talking about loosing everything. I kept on calling them but no answer.

So i had to find out the expiry date for myself. So what i did was ping my server and found out that the server IP was on Turnkey internet. At first i thought turnkey meant a project kind of thing and i still kept on searching for where it was hosted. I found nothing except turnkey internet.

So, i went to google and typed in turnkey internet and to my surprise i found a web hosting company. I immediately went for the live chat. To my surprise i was connected to their staff within 30 seconds. What a great service.

I made them everything clear of how my web hosting provider betrayed me, and asked them the expiry day. I asked nothing else but they refused to provide me anything. I asked weather my site was hosted on their servers or not. They refused to say that too. I thought what the hell, but later i realized they had a strong privacy policy which was great by the way.

Anyways, i had to find if that was my hosting. So, i scrolled to their plans of dedicated server and i was amazed 😮. What a great pricing, resources and deals. I found out that my previous web hosting provider was charging me extra $800 for the service. As low as it already was than most of the servers, i could save $800 and get awesome support anytime i need.

So, instead of being lazy and relying on renewing the server, i thought of making the purchase directly, tuning it, restoring backup and being independent. Also, Black Friday deals was running so i purchased a dedicated server and choose to pay monthly coz, why not.

So, i turned off the site, kept and backup of extremely huge data and migrated to my brand new dedicated server.

Their staff helped a lot in setup process. One of their email reply made me theirs life long customers. Email said:

Because xxx.xx.xxx was set as the initial shared IP of the server
during the initial setup of WHM when logging into
xx.xx.xx.xxx , IP xx.xx.xx became a dedicated IP
to xxxxx.com and couldn’t be removed unless modifying
the /etc/domainips file. I have removed the association as a one time
courtesy as this would typically fall out of the scope of self manged
server support.

Staffs are so helpful and available anytime and will assist you anytime 24/7. Also, they say you could save around $4,800 on servers and i don’t see why not. Its so affordable and reliable.

So, that was my story of why i shifted from my previous web hosting provider to turnkey and will never leave them. Another hosting service , asmallorange was also great but their staff took forever to reply.

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Note: This content is not sponsored by turnkey internet. It is my genuine experience with their service.

Thank you for reading till the end.

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