Typography Design Trends for 2021

Typography is an essential part of the messaging you want to convey and enhance the brand of your business. With the right fonts, you can evoke emotion or express an idea by either using it in headlines, body text or even your logo.

Fonts like comic sans provide a semblance of playfulness and youthfulness while sans-serifs help to capture attention and bring to notice something that feels important. The Typography Design Trends 2021 infographic from The Word Counter, offers a great insight into the top eight typography trends for 2021.

Eight Typography Design Trends for 2021

Serif Fonts

The timeless Serif fonts appear to be back in vogue in 2021, however, there is a slight twist. With a juxtaposition of slim and bold elements, serif fonts are back in style with beauty and direct to consumer brands by offering a soft artsy feel that can be applied across many industries.

Outline Fonts

Outline fonts which are fonts often used in headers, ads or websites continue to ride the popularity wave going into 2020 for logo or branding projects. The transparency is extra powerful when aligned next to bold which is great for making a statement evoking confidence and expression.

Evolved Brutalist Fonts

Brutalist can help you create visual tension and a break from standard web design. Evoking a 90s retro loom, the brutalist font has been gaining popularity in the design world from architecture to pieces of furniture, materials, and color palettes offering a refined and evolved feel.

Text Layering with Other Elements

Taking inspiration from the Photoshop hack of arranging the text and images in a layered way can help copy pop. The arrangement helps to draw attention both to the focal point and the text or the image helping users to focus on the words a little more.  The trend of text layering with other elements like images and illustrations will continue well into 2021.

Text-image Blending

Text-image blending is where the text becomes meshed with the image itself and the two become one. This is yet another technique to capture attention where instead of combining layers of text and images, making viewers wonder where the photo ends and the typography begins. This helps give your design the opportunity to get people to pay attention.

New Psychedelic

This retro throwback to groovy colors blended with a modern twist. Evoking the styles of the 1960s and 1970s new psychedelic pays tribute to those care-free vibes now long gone. You can use this font to create amazing logos, banners, stickers, cards, and posters.

Bold Modern Serif Fonts

The classic Serif fonts continue to be popular and have a lot of variations to help you coy or design look clean with a modern minimalist feel. This font is used by Spline, Orto, and Pizza Pizza.

Cyberpunk & Vaporware

This is also a tribute to times long gone and takes inspiration from the 1980s era. By evoking shared relationship technology such as computers, video games, and 1980s pop aesthetic come together to create a mesmerizing feel. It is an aesthetic design that is popular on social media, posters, or editorial design, thanks to its retro neon aesthetic colors and cool gradients.

Typography and Your Brand

The first thing a person sees about your brand, in most cases, is the name. And the typography you use will, for better or worse, influence how they feel about your brand. The right font and color will greatly influence how they continue to interact with your company.

Knowing what fonts are trending can help you choose the typography people like and are using. Take a look at the infographic from The Word Counter below for more details.

Image: The Word Counter