The top 10 AI jobs in America

Here are the top postings in artificial intelligence, with 9 out of 10 coming with six-figure salaries, according to Indeed.

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As the rise of artificial intelligence continues to impact the workplace, with many employees fearing they may be eventually replaced, jobs in this advanced technology are more sought-after than ever. A new report from Indeed highlights the most in-demand jobs in AI, as well as the salaries that come with these positions. 

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To create this list, Indeed took a look at job postings, by percentage that included an “AI” term, between February 2021 and April 2021. These “AI” definitions included the following phrases: “artificial intelligence,” “ai engineer,” “ai research,” “ai scientist,” “ai developer,” “ai technica,”  “ai programmer,” “ai architect,” “machine learning,” “ml engineer,” “ml research,” “ml scientist,” “ml developer,”  “ml technical,” “ml programmer,” “ml architect,” “natural language processing,”  “nlp,” and “deep learning.” Then Indeed figured out the average salary of these positions, incorporating their reported salary information over a period from May 2019 through April 2021.

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Here are the top 10 jobs in AI, along with their salaries, according to Indeed:

  1. Data scientist: $110,000

  2. Senior software engineer: $120,000

  3. Machine learning engineer: $125,000

  4. Data engineer: $122,060

  5. Software engineer: $100,000

  6. Software developer: $95,000

  7. Software architect: $135,107

  8. Senior data scientist: $127,500

  9. Full stack developer: $108,730

  10. Principal software engineer: $155,000

Instead of worrying about AI replacing us, the data encourages a positive outlook about the technology, showing that developing sophisticated AI has been good for job creation, and that advanced technology may make room for new, higher-level roles for employees. In a recent survey by Citrix, previously reported on at TechRepublic, 82% of leaders and 44% of employees surveyed expect AI to create the new role of “Robot/AI trainer” in the future. And 77% of professionals said that they believe that AI will help reduce the time of decision-making at work, by 2035, and 83% of those surveyed believe that it will eliminate the need for low-level tasks.

Additionally, 82% of leaders surveyed by Citrix said that the AI boom will mean that organizations create the role of “Chief of Artificial Intelligence” by 2035, and will also institute an AI department that oversees how the business can integrate and oversee AI operations.

For those interested in pursuing a career in AI, TechRepublic has also previously reported on the best places to find a job in AI—including California, Virginia and Washington.

Indeed has also expected that 2021 will bring good news for hiring, in general, reporting that 27% of employers plan to hire more workers now, versus pre-pandemic.

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