Robotics in India: Top Coolest Robots that Left the World in Awe

Robotics in India

India is now a hub of the coolest robots with advancements in robotics and AI

India is flourishing with all the successes in the field of robotics with multi-functional as well as humanoid robots. The Indian domestic market has already started using these innovative and coolest robots across all industries to boost productivity and enhance customer engagement. Robotics in India has successfully left the world in awe. Let’s explore some of the top coolest robots in India that have impressed the global tech market in these few years.

Top coolest robots in India


Kempa is one of the coolest robots in India that meet lakhs of passengers including foreigners at the Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru. Robotics in India has created this humanoid robot to perform some airport-related duties such as providing directions to gates, key information about flights, scanning luggage, as well as giving out boarding passes to passengers. It can speak in English and Kannada and can offer information about Karnataka and all possible tourist places and heritage to welcome passengers from other cities, states, or countries.


Manav is another output of the flourishing robotics in India as it is the first humanoid robot in India. It was developed in the laboratory of A-SET Training and Research Institute in 2014. This humanoid robot can dance, walk and follow human-controlled commands with multiple sensors. It has the capability of Binocular vision processing to perceive depth as well as perspective.


Shalu is the first female humanoid robot in India developed with 100% waste materials. Robotics in India has shown the world that Shalu is present in the world after Sophia. It is an intelligent, multilingual, and educational robot that can speak 47 languages. It can perform more activities than Sophia including teaching children educational issues, remembering people with face recognition technology, and many more. It can be used as a robot-teacher in a classroom to make an interactive class with children.


India has got its first RoboCop known as KP-Bot in Kerala in 2019. This robot in India can receive visitors and direct them to multiple different places efficiently. It is popular for responding with a perfect salute to higher-level authorities. It can be deployed to perform multiple duties of any front office of the police headquarters.


Sandy is one of the android-supported humanoid robots in India. It is created by i-Brain Robotics. This robot in India is five feet with a cosmic network of sensory circuits and it is meticulously mimicked to human camaraderie.  It consists of the true emotion sensory unites with self-learning capabilities due to NLP and artificial intelligence. This can also recognize faces with the face recognition technology as well as can serve to be a personal Wikipedia for life.


Daksha is popular for being the first anti-terror robot in India developed by the DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization). It is a battery-powered robot for safe handling as well as detection and destruction of IEDs with multiple cameras and X-ray devices. It also consists of a shotgun to break the tightly-closed doors efficiently without any delay. This coolest robot in India can work for three hours and can be controlled by wireless communication and fiber optic communication.

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