Qali hair salon is “the lovechild of art deco and Cyndi Lauper”

Canadian interiors office Studio Roslyn has created a Vancouver hair salon designed to invoke the mood of 1980s Miami, complete with candy-coloured furniture and nostalgic art deco features.

Named Qali, the salon and hair extensions studio is located in Vancouver ‘s Chinatown neighbourhood.

Qali hair salon by Studio RoslynQali hair salon by Studio Roslyn
Top: a communal worktable formed from glass bricks. Above: Qali provides hair extensions

The open-plan salon includes a reception area, lounge and communal work table, as well as styling stations, a consultation area, a colour room and a set of washbasins.

Qali is partitioned into these various areas using furniture pieces, interior windows and different lighting as dividers.

The marble hair washing stationThe marble hair washing station
Different lighting sets the mood of each area

“There is an overall material and colour palette that blends the space together. The differentiating factor is how those materials and colours are used,” explained Studio Roslyn co-founder Kate Snyder.

“Our design brief included language such as ‘fun,’ ‘playful’ and ‘nostalgic,’ so the team couldn’t think of a better starting point to reinforce those words than 80s Miami,” Snyder told Dezeen.

Blocky glass bricks topped with light-coloured wood make up the communal work table, which is framed by walls decorated with pastel geometric shapes. A selection of labelled hair extensions samples hangs nearby.

Chairs in the lounge feature a faded lilac pattern, which are muted versions of bold, similarly coloured flowers that rest on a thin black side table beside them.

Art deco blue tassels in QaliArt deco blue tassels in Qali
Blue tassels are a nod to art deco

Tassels in vivid shades of blue are suspended at various intervals throughout the space, echoing the fringed lampshades often associated with art deco design.

Qali’s colour room is revealed through a circular hole in the wall, where salmon-coloured shelves stock the salon’s various products.

The colour room is behind a perforated hole in the wallThe colour room is behind a perforated hole in the wall
Products displayed on pink shelves visible through a circular opening

Darker pinks are used for the textured bathroom walls, which are decorated with curved, wave-like neon lights.

Sleek black basins and coffee-coloured chairs are raised on a marble platform which makes up the hair washing area.

The hair washing area of QaliThe hair washing area of Qali
Washbasins stand on a marble platform

Full-length mirrors are dotted about the space, reflecting Qali’s vibrant colour palette as well as its more subtle elements, such as small plants encased in bubbles suspended from the ceiling.

Snyder explained how Qali is intentionally transportive. “Everyone can relate to a time, a place or an experience with 80s culture that brings a smile to your face,” she said.

Qali's darker bathroomQali's darker bathroom
Wavy neon lights decorate the bathroom

Studio Roslyn is an interior design firm co-founded in 2017 by Jessica MacDonald and Kate Snyder. Previously, the firm has furnished a Victoria-based fast food restaurant that is visually informed by over-saturated food photography on menus.

Qali is not the first beauty space to celebrate vivid colour in its interior design.

More colourful beauty parlours include IS Architecture and Design’s hair salon in Beijing with space-age avocado-green interiors and Goodbody, a salon in Oakland by Homework with salmon-pink accents.

Photography is by Lauren Zbarsky.