Organic Modern Décor: The Breezy Style That’s Trending on Pinterest

It’s no secret that minimalism has taken the interior landscape by storm. When Kimye debuted their ultra-minimalistic home in 2019, the industry traded shiplap for clean lines as Kim traded her wedding band for a law degree (RIP). However, the former couple’s home, dubbed the “Minimal Monastery,” isn’t exactly what we’d call a warm and inviting space. We guess it can be challenging to make your house a home when you, um, have no furniture? That said, there is a way to do minimalism without creating a cold and austere space. If you’re looking to infuse some warmth and comfort into those stark white walls, Pinterest’s emerging home trend is exactly what you’ve been looking for: Organic Modern Décor.

“If Frank Lloyd Wright and Janis Joplin had a baby, it would have been the Organic Modern style,” explains Stephanie Thornton Plymale, CEO of Heritage School of Interior Design. “Organic Modern [décor] is a nod to Scandinavian design and minimalism. It also borrows from mid-century modern and bohemian styles to create inviting spaces that are warm, natural and effortlessly sophisticated. While still incorporating minimalism and functionality, the Organic Modern aesthetic ultimately seeks to harmonize elements of nature into a modern lifestyle.”

Still not sure if this blended, breezy trend is for you? We’ve rounded up the core principles of organic modernism, and some Pinterest visuals to change your mind.

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