Money Moves: How Black Women Are Finding The Joy In Investing

These features include everything from videos that explain stocks and shares ISAs — a product that lets you invest your savings in the stock market — to how to invest your money sustainably. The simplicity of the apps makes the world of cryptocurrency and stocks feel more accessible. Investment platform AJ Bell reported in April 2021 that customer numbers on its direct to consumer site were up by 48% this year, with younger customers driving that growth. Elsewhere, a recent report from stockbroker firm Charles Schwab UK revealed that cryptocurrency is the “flavour of the month” for millennial investors. Sarah Coles, personal finance analyst at investment platform Hargreaves Lansdown, tells Refinery29 that women in particular are making their mark on the platform. “In terms of new female clients, the number of new HL accounts held by women is up around a fifth in a year.”