Master graphic design with Adobe certification bundle

Learning how to become a graphic designer doesn’t have to be expensive or feel impossible. With the right tools and guidance, you can train to be the creative you’ve always dreamed of being, from the comfort of your home. Achieve your goals with industry-leading Adobe Creative Cloud software training with The 2020 Adobe Graphic Design Certification School, now at 96 per cent off. 

With over 40 hours of expert-led content, this graphic design boot camp can take you from beginner to pro. The bundle covers some of the most vital Adobe CC software platforms you need to know to become a successful graphic designer – Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. With a certification in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) earned upon completion of the courses and your final design project, you’ll be able to add relevant experience to your résumé and work in various creative industries. 

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Be immersed in the world’s leading design software

You will start by covering the golden tool of every designer’s repertoire – Adobe Photoshop (see our Photoshop review here). With access to 100+ lessons and 17 hours of content, you’ll be immersed in the world’s leading imaging and photo editing software, and master its unique techniques and tools. With format files included, you’ll be able to practice what you learn and gain an in-depth understanding of editing, creating, manipulating, and importing creative assets. Learn how to produce finished, professional images, and gain valuable skills needed for industries such as photography, entertainment, marketing, and more. 

Known as the leading industry-standard vector graphics software that lets graphic designers create logos, icons, typography, and illustrations, Adobe Illustrator is a design power tool. This course will lead you through the design process, teaching you step-by-step techniques for creating and finessing your artwork. With over 11 hours of in-depth content, you’ll soon be fully capable of creating unique treatments suitable for both print and digital.

Adobe InDesign may be your new best friend if you need to publish material. Designed to complement Photoshop and Illustrator, the industry-leading layout and page design software can be mastered with guidance from the pros. The 90+ lesson course will guide you through hands-on exercises on creating and designing fliers and newsletters with the help of assets created in Photoshop and Illustrator. Bring your productivity to new heights and get a comprehensive grasp on the InDesign interface, file formats, print terminology, and techniques for creating documents of all types. 

The 2020 Adobe Graphic Design Certification School brings you everything you need to jumpstart your creative career or merely brush up on your design skills. Usually $1,500, you can learn industry-leading Adobe CC programs for only $49 (that’s 96 per cent off). Add valuable skills and credibility to your ongoing creative portfolio and start your journey today.

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