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MAHE, REPUBLIC OF SEYCHELLES, April 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — iBG Finance a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) wealth management platform and sister-concern of ICOA Inc (OTC Pink: ICOA), has announced the tools it has developed to enable ‘crypto newbies’ with simple, educational and safe access to the burgeoning world of decentralised finance (DeFi).

Indeed, there is strong opinion – and plenty of supporting research – that the core use case for crypto is DeF. Whilst DeFi doesn’t have a formal definition, it typically includes the use of the blockchain to borrow and lend using auction markets; to trade in unconventional derivatives; to trade one set of crypto assets against another; and for unusual forms of insurance.

iBG Finance recognizes the incredible opportunity that DeFi has to offer, not only to the end users of its products, but also to everyday people keen to get involved in investing in crypto. 

Indeed, DeFi is undoubtedly a market not to ignore; it had a size of $170 billion dollars in November 2021, and has now surpassed the level of 106 billion as of February 2022, and its growth in the last year has been 47%.

A survey carried out by Weiss Ratings earlier this year surprisingly found that high 62% of retail investors said they knew what DeFi was. Yet unfortunately, a full 92.5% reported that they didn’t know how to go about getting the high yields that DeFi has to offer, and 74% simply ‘didn’t know where to start’ in the DeFi investing – even though they wanted to. 

Comments Sam Chng, CEO of iBG Finance:

DeFi allows wealth management to trickle down to individuals, empowering them to emulate what financial institutions do to enjoy healthy earnings. In ensuring immutability and removing intermediaries, anyone can lend, trade or borrow. Anyone can enjoy margin trading options and long-term and short-term investors can lend assets to earn higher interest rates.

However, despite the accessibility and opportunity that DeFi provides for everyday consumers, there are barriers to entry in the form of unnecessarily complicated processes. 

Thats where we come in. iBG Finance wants to remove these pain points by presenting these innovative earning opportunities wrapped in simplicity to users who wish to enjoy the immense benefits but struggle to understand what can also be intimidating interfaces.

What are the pain points?
With DeFi’s rich and diverse opportunities however, there can be difficulties when investing funds; even for advanced crypto users. There are innumerable requirements to participate in and keep tabs on a myriad of projects. 

  1. A single earning’s pool for example can require as many as ten complicated steps across multiple chains. 
  2. The user will start with your main token and have to swap this to another token on a different chain. Then, they might need to add chains they have never heard of. 
  3. They will need tokens alien to the average consumer for gas fees before getting onto bridges that send them to the final operating token which they might still need to pair or wrap. 
  4. This is a roadblock to the majority of people and it reduces adoption of services that would otherwise significantly help them.

iBGs Solution to Easy DeFi
iBG’s Wealth Management portal’s streamlined approach reduces the investment process to three easy steps: Subscribe, Select, and Earn!  

iBG’s simplified gateway to DeFi begins by ensuring users remain in full control of their assets. Everyone takes a membership position in iBG based on the amount they feel they can begin investing with. It starts from as low as US$10. Everything is consolidated in a single portal with at least 100 different earning and lending protocols to select from.

iBG has taken out the legwork of locating the right investment protocol. It has put in the effort of researching each protocol and verifying their smart contract’s legitimacy and audit. 

iBG conducts risk management research. All this takes away the tediousness of personally researching the thousands of available pools and protocols and, ultimately, allowing the user to use a single portal rather than trying to remember where they have left your funds to grow. 10 pools literally require the user to keep 10 tabs open at all times to know how they are performing.

The most important development iBG has introduced to investing across multiple chains and pools however is the ability for users to use just Ethereum or USDT if they are investing via the Ethereum chain and to use just BNB or USDC if they are using the BSC chain. There will be no need to carry in their wallet hundreds of other tokens across alternative chains. 

The ease of use will be unparalleled and is a fresh new approach to asset diversification and wealth creation.

Further information for users on the iBG platform:

How to Use

To enter this diversified earning’s platform, you need to select a membership tier with iBG to obtain an investment allocation. You can invest up to the allocation cap in as many pools as you wish. There will be no limits on the number of investment protocols you might want to earn from.

iBG Membership

Investor Tiers

Tier iBG Tokens Allocation
Bronze 100 $10
Silver 1,000 $100
Gold 5,000 $500
Platinum 10,000 $1,100
Diamond 25,000 $3,000
Titanium 50,000 $6,500
Elite Platinum 100,000 $16,000
Elite Diamond 250,000 $42,500
Elite Titanium 500,000 $100,000
Jade By invitation only

Click here to access the exclusive new launch membership portal: https://ibg.finance/main/

If you have selected your membership in ERC, then you can use USDT or Ethereum to invest. If you are a Platinum member, you can invest up to $1,100 in 1 product or 10 or any number of products until you have utilised your entire allocation.


Project Tiers

Classification APY
Stable Returns 100% or less
Medium Returns 101% to 500%
High Returns 501% to 99,999%
Extreme Returns 100,000% and above*

*Some available pools will offer 100,000% APY and above.

The main investment portal will launch in another 60 days once testing is complete. It will allow all products and protocols to be sorted by APY value; type (lending or borrowing); length of staking if any and so on. Everything will be available in a single site with no need to browse hundreds of other sites. For now, users can stake their positions and take advantage of iBG’s offer to early adopters.

Whitelist & VIP Status

To celebrate the launch of iBG’s investment portal, users can now whitelist their wallet through to 10th May 2022. All whitelisted wallet holders can then invest in any membership category with 20% fewer tokens.

All members can then participate in a contest to attain VIP status by earning as many points as they can get. iBG will select the top 1,000 users with the highest points above the minimum (500 points) and all these users will be upgraded by a full tier. The savings for VIP’s can be between 50% and 90% and can represent an enormous amount.

A whitelisted Elite Diamond member saving 20% who entered with 200,000 iBG (instead of 250,000 iBG) and who achieves VIP status will enjoy Elite Titanium benefits and save another 300,000 iBG.

The start of Q2 2022 for iBG Finance sees a massive upturn in its capability to extract value from DeFi and its expanding opportunities. With asset management in mind, the iBG Investment Portal furthers the vision of DeFi and grows participation by lowering entry barriers. iBG Finance finds itself at the forefront of innovation aimed toward user experience and ease. 

For further information, please contact: info@ibg.finance

About iBG Finance:

iBG is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) wealth management platform designed to bring simplicity to users entering the cryptocurrency and the DeFi markets.

The exclusive new launch membership portal can be found here: https://ibg.finance/main/

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