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A logo is an important visual element that reflects a company’s identity. Logo design allows brands to be remembered and perceived by people. In this regard, the logo should be designed in accordance with the corporate vision and corporate vision of a company. The professionally designed logo should make an impressive impression on people’s minds. Thus, the customer who sees the logo anywhere remembers the brand.

Logos can be associated with large companies with just a few lines and colors, so their designs are quite important. Most of the popular brands that we know today come to our mind through their logos, even before their names. Therefore, their impact is quite visible.

Logo Lab
Image: Studio Bros.

But how can we find out whether a logo is generally appropriate or if it makes people think of the institution or person it evokes in any case? Studio Bros developed an online logo analysis tool called Logo Lab to help you determine whether the logos show themselves in possible places.

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Logo Lab Tool

The quality of a logo is usually measured by how much space people have in their minds. That’s why recall is essential when it comes to logos. Thanks to Logo Lab, you will be able to see any kind of logo from all kinds of perspectives.

Logo Lab
Image: Studio Bros.

The tool helps you learn the balance, colorless state, scalability of logos uploaded in PNG or SVG format, and how they look to color blind individuals. It also helps you see whether they are easily recognized when they are pixelated and blurry, how they look like an application icon, and how they look alongside other logos.

It is quite a user-friendly and free tool to use. All you need to do is upload and choose a logo you want to test out to see the results in detail. Note that the logo must be in PNG or SVG format for the most accurate result.

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Nirmal Rajendharkumar. The examples in the body of the article are owned by Studio Bros. and have been provided for press usage.

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