How to Master Web Development

Here’s the game plan: you’re going to learn one programming language (JavaScript), the markup language HTML, and the styling language CSS. You’ll also learn the JavaScript framework React and the principles of UX and UI design.

Note: If you want to master any particular language then check out this link: The best way to learn a programming language.

You’ll learn a bit of the back end so that you know what’s going on, but you’re going to put a strong emphasis on the front-end because that’s what people tend to get hired for in the beginning and because you’re short on time.

There are going to be some Udemy courses on this road map because you don’t have time to get a gentle introduction to free sites. You need to dive into a full curriculum. I’m going to point you to a lot of Colt Steele’s classes because he’s a good teacher and has some great Udemy content. I don’t know Colt and I certainly don’t get kickbacks for sending people his way.

You shouldn’t need to pay more than $20 for any of these classes. If you see something more expensive, complete a Google search on “Udemy Coupon.”

6 months = 26 weeks. Here we go.

Weeks 1 – 8: Complete Colt Steele’s Web Development Bootcamp: The Web Developer Bootcamp: Learn HTML, CSS, Node, and More!

That’s your introduction to web development. If you get stuck, use the site W3 Schools as a reference (it’s great for beginners.) Other good resources include The Mozilla Developers Network (MDN) and Stack Overflow. By the end of these first two months, you’ll know the basics of full-stack web development. Don’t get too excited, you’ve still got a long way to go.

Weeks 9 – 11: Advanced CSS: Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations, and More.

Here, we turn our attention back to the front end and you learn a ton about CSS including Grid, Animations, etc. Having some good-looking sites in your portfolio can really help you get a job.

Weeks 12 – 15: UX and UI Design Using Adobe XD: User Experience Design Essentials – Adobe XD UI UX Design.

There is an art to web design and here is where you learn it. If you take a while to land your first web development job, these design skills can help you make pretty good money doing freelance and contract work.

Weeks 16 – 20: Learn React: The Modern React Bootcamp (Hooks, Context, NextJS, Router).

React is a modern front-end framework and you’ll want to master this skill.

Weeks 20 – 26: Learn JavaScript Data Structures and Algorithms: JavaScript (JS) Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass.

In order to pass a coding interview, you’re going to need to be able to solve whiteboard coding challenges. This class will help you get ready. It’s not an easy topic, but if you’ve been working hard, you should be ready to approach it.

If you’re able to complete all 26 weeks of this course and finish all of these classes, you’ll have my full respect. Most likely, 1 in 100 people could do it.

You’ll also be ready to start putting out your resume. It might take a while to land your first job. If that is the case, start doing some freelance work (try Upwork to get initial clients) and also work through this course on SQL: Build MySQL Databases Bootcamp (Beginner to Expert Course).

Remember to keep building projects. When you learn a skill as fast as you’re planning to, it doesn’t have time to solidify in your head. You need to use that skill to help that process along. Build non-trivial projects that make you put everything you’ve learned together. Wireframe it out in XD, build your back end in Node and SQL, and do the front-end in React.

Good luck! 

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