How can Artificial Intelligence Assist in the Creation of Better Emails?

Artificial Intelligence

AI is crucial in the field of digital marketing, especially when it comes to email marketing.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is already revolutionizing the way we think of marketing today. AI can aid in the optimization and speeding up of a variety of marketing tasks, enhancing customer interactions and increasing conversions. Artificial intelligence is crucial in the field of digital marketing, especially when it comes to email marketing.

Because of its direct approach and cost-effective technique, email marketing has become an important part of digital marketing. Email marketing has never been more effective than it is now, thanks to artificial intelligence. Personalization, automation, and data processing are among the features that have been added to increase conversions. AI is critical in updating the email marketing strategies to give your email campaign the extra boost for better performance.

How can Artificial Intelligence Tools Help you Build your Email Marketing?

Creating Email Subject Lines on its Own

Natural language generation (NLG) is a technique used by AI tools to write email subject lines that are better than those written by humans. They do this by understanding the brand voice from the data you use to demonstrate it, then drafting subject lines that improve open rates and revenue.

Easily Customizing the Copy for Each Person

Deep learning technology driven by AI produces copy that appeals to any audience, category, or person. Individualized email content suggestions can also be made using this technology, growing interaction and conversions.

Reorganizing your Email Marketing Strategies

Using historical data, AI-powered tools can break down the marketing campaign into lots of sub-campaigns, then organize and distribute them to optimize inbox distribution by sending further targeted emails.

Send Times can be Optimized

You can also use AI to maximize email send times on a per-recipient basis, ensuring that each recipient sees your email material.

Sending out Automated Newsletters 

There are AI sites that are exclusively dedicated to the development of hyper-personalized smart newsletters. These are automated emails that contain material that has been hand-curated for each and every reader, significantly increasing subscriber interaction. With conventional automation software, this degree of personalization was previously unattainable.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Aid Your Email Writing?

Today, a host of artificial intelligence solutions have emerged that allow machine learning technologies to decide which subject, CTAs and body copy beneficiaries would most likely react to.

These AI applications have access to large repositories of user information from your organization and many others, allowing them to learn very quickly what forms of email content engage with an intended audience.

After which, using natural language processing, these tools assist marketers in creating personalized subject lines, CTAs, and content that not only appear as though they were produced by a real person, but also are compatible with the brand’s usual language and produce amazing outcomes.

Here are a few of the fantastic tools available to help you take your email marketing to the next level.


Boomtrain is a marketing platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to instantly personalize content for users, resulting in more views, interaction, and profits. This technology takes the place of the manual labor that is usually required to identify targets and select suitable, relevant material. Boomtrain analyses user behavior (including communication with websites, emails, and mobile apps) to give a complete overview of each contact and build rapport.


Phrasee is a form of artificial intelligence that focuses on email marketing optimization. It creates and enhances subject lines to increase the likelihood of people opening, clicking, and converting. Their algorithms are educated to not be dishonest and are designed to fit the company’s voice. It analyses a large number of sentiments, feelings, and phrases to predict how your contacts will react. It gets better at judging what will connect with your audience the more you use it.

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