Elon Musk shares FSD Beta V9 release update, teases improvements with pure vision approach

Elon Musk recently shared several key updates for Tesla’s upcoming FSD Beta Version 9 release. The highly-anticipated update, which has seen some delays to date, is expected to introduce several critical improvements to the robust driver-assist system. 

In a recent set of tweets, Elon Musk explained that Tesla had been focusing on the removal of radar from the FSD Beta, which the CEO notes should present a notable improvement to the performance of the advanced driver-assist suite. Musk’s update was brief, though he mentioned that the FSD Beta V9 release should be ready next week, at least for testers in the United States. 

“We had to focus on removing radar & confirming safety. That release goes out next week to US production. Then a week or two to polish pure vision FSD & v9 beta will release. Difference between v8 & v9 is gigantic,” the Tesla CEO wrote. 

Elon Musk has highlighted Tesla’s shift to a pure vision system in recent months. Back in March, the CEO noted that pure vision is the way to “real-world AI.” Musk later explained that vision has “much more precision” than radar, and that cameras have several orders of magnitude more bits/sec than radar. Cameras could then leave behind radar as vision processing improves. 

Interestingly enough, Elon Musk mentioned that Tesla’s vision-only approach should remove issues like phantom braking, which happens at times when Autopilot encounters a bridge or overpass. He also explained that the FSD Beta V9 expansion should happen a month or two from now. Musk also admitted that the release of the driver-assist system’s wide beta has been quite hard to predict accurately. 

“I think we’re maybe a month or two away from wide beta. But these things are hard to predict accurately. The work we had to do for pure vision driving was needed for FSD, so much more progress has been made than it would seem,” Musk said. 

Lastly, Elon Musk provided a quick update on the release of FSD functions in Europe, such as Smart Summon. Musk was optimistic about its release, though he was also quite cautious about its estimated timeframe. That being said, the CEO did note that for Europe, the release of features like Smart Summon should happen alongside the release of FSD, as the driverless function is only a subset of the Full Self-Driving suite. 

It remains to be seen if Tesla’s shift to a pure vision approach would allow it to overcome the challenges currently being experienced by Autopilot and the FSD suite. However, the company appears to have been pondering a camera-only system for a while now, as hinted at by a patent published in March which describes a system that uses two neural networks to accurately gauge the distances of objects using only image data. 

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Elon Musk shares FSD Beta V9 release update, teases improvements with pure vision approach


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