Before & After: This IKEA Platsa hack adds storage to transform this small living room

The IKEA Platsa is an under-the-radar modular storage system, not as headline-grabbing as the Billy, not as well known as the Besta. But what it offers is the bare bones to turn it into so much more than what you see on the shelf.

In fact, when it comes to IKEA hacks, it might just be the easiest one to overhaul. It’s not mighty, but don’t underestimate this line for creating transformative pieces that will elevate any room.

Take, for example, this ultra-chic arched cabinet created by Insta interior influencers Marisa and Chris of @oakappledecor. You wouldn’t believe its fluted fabulousness had such humble beginnings.

Its transformations might not be as renowned as the IKEA Billy bookcase hacks or IKEA Pax hacks, but d

IKEA Platsa hack – Before

Ikea platsa hack arched cabinet before

(Image credit: @oakappledecor)

‘We had seen some beautiful arched cabinets but they were all very expensive, so we decided to have a go at making one,’ explains Marisa.

‘We used an IKEA Platsa shelf unit as the base as it was the right size for storing shoes which is what we wanted to use it for.’

But this wasn’t just a simple ‘shoe cupboard’ project. The goal was to create a storage cupboard that also worked as a standalone design statement – on a budget.

‘Using the IKEA unit as a base is actually cheaper than buying all the materials to make the base yourself! It’s also nice and strong.’

The couple then reached for the router and went about creating the fluted front and arched top.

Ikea platsa hack before pics

(Image credit: @oakappledecor)

Marisa explains: ‘To the base we added an arched top, which we made with timber, flexible plywood and flexible MDF. We then blended this into the base with wood filler so it was seamless.’

Ikea platsa hack arched cabinet before pics

(Image credit: @oakappledecor)

She continues: ‘We then created a grooved texture using a router. We primed and spray painted for a professional result. We added wooden feet and brass handles for the stylish finishing touches.’

IKEA Platsa hack – After

Ikea platsa hack arched cabinet in living room by oakappledecor

(Image credit: @oakappledecor)

Fluted furniture is totally on-trend (these fluted kitchen islands will have you swooning), and Marisa and Chris managed to create a thing of beauty from a basic IKEA model with vision, creativity – and a bit of elbow grease.

Ikea platsa hack arched fluted cabinet by oakappledecor

(Image credit: @oakappledecor)

The finished product injects a design statement and covetable small living room idea, and adds elegance to the rustic-luxe brick backdrop. Make like Marisa and Chris, and pair yours with earthy, inviting textures, like a jute rug, patinated ceramics, and a cool, curved bouclé sofa.