3 Pieces by Bodil Kjaer Join the Cassina Collection

Bodil Kjær is first and foremost an architect, but also known as a standout designer and professor. The trailblazing Danish mid-century creative stepped into the world of furniture in the 1950s and 1960s as a means to creating solutions for issues she was running into as an interior architect. Her experiences allowed her to understand the importance of multifunctional environments – a key aspect of our lives today – and how to create for them. Now, Cassina has presented an armchair, a set of three nesting tables, and a service trolley, originally designed by Kjær, as an answer to creating relaxation and casual dining today.

dark green lounge chair, service trolley, and privacy screen in front of a wall of windows

Photo: Valentina Sommariva

The High Back Chair was first designed by Kjær in 1955 as a way to relax and watch television after a long day spent in unnatural positions in office furniture. The ergonomics of the chair create a comfortable posture that’s ideal for reading. Today’s updated High Back Chair includes a version with armrests. A solid wood frame, soft seat and backrest, and recycled PET recovered from Plastic Bank® all but guarantee a cozy resting spot.

wood armchair upholstered in bright blue on a white background

wood chair upholstered in bright pink on a white background

wood service trolley in front wood paneled wall

Photo: Valentina Sommariva

One of Kjær’s favorite pastimes was hosting guests in her Copenhagen home. She designed the Serving Cart in 1963 in order to actively participate in these get togethers while moving between the dining room and kitchen. The stylishly retro cart features wheels and a variety of shelves ready to accommodate cutlery, crockery, pots, and pans. The updated version includes optional compartments for wine glasses along with stainless-steel containers for bottles and glasses. A solid wood structure, with edges to ensure objects don’t move around, and a laminated stainless-steel top and with colorful laminated partitions give the piece a contemporary touch.

wood service trolley on white background

wood service trolley on white background

bright blue armchair, side tables, service trolley, and privacy screen in front of a wall of windows

Photo: Gionata Xerra

Kjær took note of how people’s habits were evolving – meals were being served in front of the television or on the patio instead of in the dining room. Homes were also downsizing, especially within large cities. Most side tables couldn’t meet the needs of the mid-century family, so she designed the Nest of Tables. The three tables have a cube construction that allows them to be stacked one on top of the other, taking up little space. Today’s Nest of Tables have a slender, yet sturdy, solid wood structure and can be combined with a wide range of colored glass, saddle leather, and laminated tops.

three nested wood side tables on a white background

three nesting wood side tables in a row on a white background

To learn more about Cassina’s pieces by Bodil Kjær, visit cassina.com.

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