10 Robotics Conferences and Events to Watch and Attend in 2022


Attending robotics conferences and events are ideal options to network and learn more about advancements

Conferences, summits, or events are gatherings of like-minded people and industry peers. You will learn more about new technology, techniques, and personal experiences with data difficulties and how they are addressed. Robotics conferences and events have been gaining popularity with the rising demand for technology in the different industries. You will have the opportunity to network with your peers at these conferences. This article features the top 10 robotics conferences and events to watch and attend in 2022.

The 4th International Conference on Robotics and Intelligent Systems

Date: March 11, 2022 – March 13, 2022

Location: Chengdu, China

An intelligent system is a machine with an embedded, Internet-connected computer that has the capacity to gather and analyze data and communicate with other systems. This conference provides a very good opportunity for research scientists, investors, industrial and government representatives to present the latest innovations, novel results, and the-state-of-the-art ideas.

6th International Conference on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Date: May 13-14, 2022

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

The theme of the conference revolves around “Recent advancements in Robotics and AI and Its Utilization.” Robotics and AI 2022 is aimed to coordinate a scientific gathering to promote a global network among eminent researchers and young researchers from machine learning and create a platform to showcase your research work and exchange research ideas.

2022 PDA Robotics and Automation Conference

Date: May 16-17, 2022

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Explore an exciting line-up of industry experts sharing their expertise and best practices in their presentations and interactive sessions with group work! While concepts of robots and automation might have been considered nice to have a few years ago, the global pandemic has accelerated the importance of speed while maintaining our standards of safety. A wide range of topics ranging from artificial intelligence and machine learning applied to biopharmaceutical processes, digital transformation drivers, laboratory automation initiatives, and robotization in drug manufacturing.

International Conference on Research in Robotics And Automation Engineering

Date: July 01, 2022 – July 03, 2022

Location: Munich, Germany

Whether you want to share the findings of your latest research with an international group of peers or learn from fellow researchers, scientists, and scholars, this conference is made for you. While the International Conference on Research in Robotics and Automation Engineering is planned to be held on the scheduled date and venue, in case of any travel limitations or host-country restrictions, the registered participants of the conference will be provided with solutions and options at least two weeks before the conference.

5th International Conference on Service Robotics Technologies

Date: March 18-20, 2022

Location: (Virtual) Chengdu, China

ICSRT 2022 will provide an international forum for experts in academia, industry, and government to discuss their new ideas, research results, applications, and experience on all aspects of Service Robotics Technologies.

Military Robotics and Autonomous Systems 2022

Date: April 6-7, 2022

Location: London, United Kingdom

MRAS 2022 is the ONLY event dedicated to military robotics in the land environment. This unique event will give you essential insights into the development and implementation of unscrewed and autonomous ground systems from international militaries.

2022 2nd International Conference on Robotics, Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Date: April 14-16, 2022

Location: Singapore

RAAI is hosted by the Beijing Institute of Control Robotics and Intelligent Technology (BICRI). The objectives of RAAI are to bring together the control researchers, engineers, scientists and industry professionals to an open forum where all participants will exchange ideas and experiences from around the world. The conference would be an ideal platform for keeping up with advances and changes to a consistently morphing field.

7th International Conference on Control and Robotics Engineering

Date: April 15-17, 2022

Location: Beijing, China

The aim, as well as the objective of ICCRE 2022, is to present the latest research and results of scientists related to Control and Robotics Engineering topics. ICCRE2022 is sponsored by China Agricultural University, Hohai University, China, and IEEE Robotics and Automation Society.

7th Asia-Pacific Conference on Intelligent Robot Systems

Date: July 01-03, 2022

Location: Tianjin, China

ACIRS is an annual event, addressing researchers and industries from all areas of Intelligent Robot Systems. It provides an international forum for the exchange between those fields, to present advances in the state of the art, identify emerging research topics, and together define the future of these exciting research domains.

International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems

Date: October 23-27, 2022

Location: Kyoto, Japan

The IROS is one of the largest and most impacting robotics research conferences worldwide. It provides an international forum for the international robotics research community to explore the frontier of science and technology in intelligent robots and smart machines. The theme of IROS 2022 is “Embodied AI for a Symbiotic Society’’.

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