Why you should redesign or revamp your website


The primary goal of redesigning your website is to make it more comprehensive and strengthen the content that your wish to display. The redesigned site will attract more traffic, generate more prospects and leads which will ultimately increase your profits. To help you achieve your target, you can trust Appmocx’s exceptional design work.

  • A full-fledged and comprehensively designed, user-friendly website to successfully convert more visitors into customers.
  • A unique design framework to choose from provided by our exceptionally talented design team.
  • An up-to-date and flexible website that will help boost your online marketing return on investment.
  • Comprehensive redesigning plus, maintenance and installation of updates for your website all around the year.
  • Search maximization and content evaluation and improvement.
  • Recurring redesigning services for the next year if opted for at the time of annual renewal.
  • Regeneration and effectiveness-worth of the existing website and transformed website.

Your website is the online face of your business. For new or existing customers, your website is the first point of acquaintance with your company. Your website should be able to represent your company in an impressive way.

Web redesigning is indispensable for modern businesses. It keeps your online presence modern and up-to-date. When you plan to redesign your business website, you can truly maximize the potential of your brand while growing your business’s bottom line. To sum it up, if you have ever pondered what is the need for redesigning your website, your answer is — to facilitate business growth.

We are one of the most trusted web and mobile app development companies in the industry today, we are confident to give you an impressive website that will convince your site’s visitors and encourage fruitful conversions. Our approach for every client who chooses to collaborate with us is unique. We make sure your website stands out in the competition and is specific to your brand. With our skilled and dedicated designing team, we create a customized website for your brand and which is not following a template or a regular copy but your imagination of how you perceive it to be.

In case your aim is an intensive makeover or renovation of your website, do not forget that your website needs an impressive cover and a mission statement that is persuasive. You are redesigning your website to bring positive changes, and every aspect of it should focus on attracting more customers. By inculcating strategic business decisions, you will be able to generate more leads versus your current website. With more prospects/leads come increased sales, more money, and a successful business — all from web redesigning services.

Appmocx will evaluate and suggest to you what will work best for your business. We create websites that convert visitors into customers. We know what will bring success and how to refurbish your web content to position your company as a leader in the industry. Using industry standards and tried-and-tested methods of information technology, we can create a website that not only portrays your company values and mission well, but also increases business to elevate your business profits.

In today’s business scenario, it is not enough to just have a website. Marketing gurus agree that websites should be all inclusive and complete, and updated regularly to capture the visitor’s attention and avoid their chances of switching over to your competitors. At Appmocx, our brilliant creative design team offers web redesigning services that improve the graphic appearance, relevance and credibility of your existing online status.

One of the other aspects of web redesigning are, many times the content on your website looks perfect, and it shouldn’t be a part of your website redesign. However, what it lacks often is the touch of a professionally designed website. Our results are consistently positive across our various clients. Each time we start redesigning a website, we ensure that we inculcate only those changes that adhere to a business’s specific needs and targets and also work put more emphasis on the areas that are critical to their success.

Conduct this small quiz with yourself to make the decision easier for you :

  1. Who are the audience for my website and why do they come?
  2. Does my website answer all their questions and is easy to explore?
  3. Am I able to convert those visitors into leads? Are they able to contact me if needed?
  4. How does my business website fare in comparison to my competitors?
  5. Is the subject matter of my website able to convey our mission statement?
  6. Does my website represent my business effectively?
  7. Am I able to constantly update my website?
  8. Am I able to maintain a log of visitors who check my website?

If you are aiming to redesign your website to improve overall UX, follow these rules:

  • Understand your audience — To have a website designed in accordance with the needs and preferences of your audience, you need to have clarity about your target market. If your website is not visitor friendly, you will not be able to meet the purpose of the entire effort. Know your customers, you can even develop a dedicated marketing team that manages your target market online.
  • Focus on functionality — You must prioritize to clearly define the purpose of your website, its functionality and not get caught up in the artistic appearance. It will help you create navigation and content that contributes to a more fruitful user experience on your site.
  • Maximize Impact — Most of the people access information online from their smartphones and tablets. A responsive website design is essential if you want to maximize the impact of your website and reach more potential customers. Your website content to be fully accessible on all of their devices, and if it’s not, they won’t hesitate to try another site. Focus improving user experience across all devices to reach maximum people online.

Improving UX is a key part of any website redesign project, and focusing on optimizing visitors’ interactions with your website can help you reach more people and earn more revenue online.

At Appmocx, we ensure that we take care of the most important online business aspect for you, this means that the websites that we create not only look fantastic but they also rank higher in search results in various search engines. Hence, earn higher ROI. Our web designs are very compatible, and they will function properly on all future browsers and devices.

When you collaborate with Appmocx for your website redesign, you will get a lot more than just a great design. Our talented designers and developers follow a customized approach in the entire process to ensure that your new website helps you generate more leads and revenue online.

For further information and assistance, you can send us an email at sales@appmocx.com