What are Trending AI-based Research Ideas in this Current Scenario?

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Trending AI-based research ideas are ready to transform the customer experience in this tech-savvy world

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken up the world with a storm. It is the frequent topic of how advanced AI machine learning is capable of enacting the same or in better way than any human-centric approaches. There is a surge in real-life applications of AI, which are assisting in critical decision-making processes or smooth work-flow. These applications involve diagnosis generation, forecasting future, controlling devices, high-performance artificial muscles and many more. Any developer, who has strong technical knowledge and interest in digital learning experience can generate some AI-based research ideas to contribute in the tech industry.

There are diverse fields of AI present right, which you have the desire to use in the future. Humans often get in touch with the AI-based technologies on a daily basis, subconsciously. In order to fulfil the needs and wants of the users, some AI-based start-ups can initiate these following AI-based research ideas for better customer satisfaction.

Let’s look at the different fields of opportunities for AI-based research ideas

1. AI Deep Machine learning: A subset known as deep learning uses algorithms for real-time data on large scale to generate appropriate information.

2. NLP: Natural Language Processing helps the computers to understand the natural language of humans as the users will use their own language instead of complicated algorithms with two components— natural language understanding and natural language generation

3. Robotics: Systematic agents, known as robots, reduces manpower in heavy industries by perceiving the real-world environment with components like power supply, actuators, motors, sensors and high-performance artificial muscles

4. Speech Expert System: Imitates human behaviour with user interface, inference engine and knowledgebase elements

5. Computer Vision: Helps to teach and make computers visualise, acquire and analyse instructions from digital pictures, symbols and videos

6. Artificial Neural Networks: Imitates human neural networks i.e. specialises in the process of human brains where the nodes accept data and generates ideas

7. Recommender System: The system provides recommendations on the basis of history of the users in different fields to select from the wide variety of options for the next move.

8. Internet of Things: A large scale network of internet wires in various devices, which assist each other to exchange huge real-time data to generate information in AI algorithms.

9. Reinforcement Learning: This generates creative ideas of how a robot or any agent should act in a specific tough environment to generate maximum output.

10. Biometrics: Computers recognise biometrics as a scientific authentication and access method with behavioural and physiological characteristics of humans.

11. Computational Biology: Computers have a large set of biological data which, helps to research on sequence and structure of biological molecules, leading to the genetic evolution and spatial models

The sudden outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic is lasting for two years, forcing the citizens to be in their safe places. This scenario has observed a massive digital transformation in various sectors of a country. The introduction of AI has been very useful to continue the work-flow efficiently and effectively. Tasks are completed and being assisted by the AI-based real-life applications without any human touch and human interventions. The successful cases are providing more opportunities for software developers and mechanical engineers to be motivated and create innovative machines or applications to serve the users in the best possible ways. Thus in the fast-paced world, industry needs AI-based research ideas to improve the work-flow for better performance.

What are Trending AI-based Research Ideas in this Current Scenario?

1. Forecasting User’s Next Move: It is already in the AI-based machine learning system to recommend same types of products or services to the users from time to time. Forecasting user’s next move in terms of shopping behaviour or destination can be a useful AI-based research idea. This can be successful if the users accept to provide real-time data to the company.

2. Detecting Abuse: There is an increase in the numbers of sexual as well as domestic abuse in the world. Thousands of people have lost their jobs in the lockdown leading to the frustration on either family members or strangers. AI machine learning can detect any upcoming abuse from the known sites and alert the victim for protection. This real-life application of AI can save many women across the world.

3. One-button for Emergency Purpose: Almost all citizens use smart mobile phones for both personal and professional lives. Emergency can happen at any time, which leads to distraught and confusion in human minds. AI-based machine can create only one button in these smart phones to generate an automatic call to the emergency service provided by the Government. This will save time and quick response can manage the emergency situation peacefully.

4. Identifying Fraud YouTube comments: YouTubers upload entertaining as well as educational videos for their subscribers and potential subscribers. Comments are very much important for generating ideas for the upcoming contents. AI-based machine can identify these fraud comments and block them for further comments in any YouTuber’s channel. The real-life application of AI can reduce the number of frauds and scams from YouTube just like it serves the banking sector.

5. Web Pattern Navigation for Styling: The current scenario has transformed the consumer shopping behaviour from traditional space to digital domain. The globalisation in the online sites has led to confusion for the traditional buyers with sizes— shoes, dresses, under-garments and so on. If there is a presence of web pattern navigation for users to look at how they are looking with their choices, it can reduce a lot of time in shopping. This will reduce the probability of ordering wrong choices for styling.

There is a huge opportunity for the future software developers and mechanical engineers to get hired in hi-tech companies to proceed with these types of unique AI-based research ideas. Popular hi-tech brands and start-ups are seeking employees who possess strong technical knowledge and digital learning experience to distinguish their brands against the competitors in the high-risk market.