Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Technologies Making a Breakthrough in 2021

by March 7, 2021

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Technologies Making a Breakthrough in 2021

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Technologies Making a Breakthrough in 2021

Analytics Insight has listed the top 10 AI technologies that are taking innovation to next level in 2021

Artificial intelligence is the technological blow that took the world by storm. When the term ‘artificial intelligence’ was first coined at a conference, no one imagined that one day, it will replace all the repetitive jobs and relieve humans from performing heavy labour works. The advent of the internet helped technology to progress exponentially. Artificial intelligence stood alone for the past three decades, and now, it is streamlining with widespread sub-technologies and applications. From biometrics and computer vision to smart devices and self-driving cars, emerging trends are fuelling the AI craze. Henceforth, Analytics Insight has listed the top 10 AI technologies that are taking innovation to next level in 2021.

Top 10 AI technologies of 2021

AI Optimized Hardware

The upcoming AI-devices of the digital world are focused on being structured and are used to execute AI-oriented tasks specifically. They have improved graphics and central processing units that accelerated the next generation of application advancements. For example, AI-optimized silicon chips are easily portable and can be inserted into any device when the company needs to get information. These advanced methodologies are opening the door for organizations to invest more in AI applications. Alleviate, Google, Cray, etc. are some of the companies generating AI-optimized hardware solutions.


Biometrics is a futuristic technology that stands as the source of interaction between humans and machines. There are many types of biometrics technology namely face recognition, touch recognition, Iris recognition, DNA matching, Retina recognition, voice recognition, etc. that are making it big in the digital world. Biometrics allows a person to be identified and authenticated based on recognizable and verifiable data, unique and specific.

Computer vision

Computer vision is the advanced technology that acts as computers’ eyes. It is a field of artificial intelligence that helps train machines to interact and understand the visual world. With the help of computer vision technology, machines can accurately identify and classify objects in images, videos and deep learning models. To some extent, computer vision even exceeds human visual abilities in many areas.

Smart devices

As technology is invading people’s everyday life, most of them are seen in close proximity areas with humans like wearables and smart homes. These smart devices are stealing the spotlight in the connected environment. The normal devices that were used for a long time in daily routine are re-modelled as smart devices. For example, smart security cameras, smart speakers, smartwatches, smart keychains, etc. are some of the major smart devices that we imply in our life.

Text analytics & NLP

Text analytics alone is an amazing technology that brings breakthrough changes to tech radar. When it is espoused with Natural Language Processing (NLP), text analytics facilitates the understanding of sentence structure and meaning, sentiment, and intent through statistical and machine learning methods. Currently, text analytics and NLP is mainly used in fraud detection and security.

Decision management

To run a profitable organization, decision management grounds should be firm. With more and more technologies emerging in the modern world, company executives are taking the tech twist to make data-driven decisions. Intelligent machines are designed to frame new rules and logic to AI systems for setting up the decision-making processes, enhance maintenance and optimum tune the routine.

Cyber defence

When the world is stepping into a new phase of improvement, the digital means is breaking into the working system. As more and more companies take technological grounds, cybercriminals are enjoying the luxury of stealing information from them. Henceforth, cyber defence emerge comes for the rescue of data theft. Computer defence mechanism is capable of detecting, preventing and mitigating attacks and threats to data and infrastructure of the systems which is termed as the process of cyber defence.

Content creation

In today’s routine, people are entitled to carry out the content creation process. Whether it is making videos, images, ads, blogs, white papers, or news stories, humans engage in the initial thought-provoking works. But this won’t continue for a long time. Already, brands like USA Today, Hearst and CBS are availing technology to do the thinking work. In 2021, more such intellectual AI machines will outperform human abilities.

Peer-to-peer network

Connectivity is a big issue in IoT devices, especially; data shared through the connected modes are at critical spots of being leaked. However, peer-to-peer network connections address the connectivity problem. It integrates different systems and computers for data sharing without the data being transmitted via a server. Peer-to-peer networks even have the ability to solve the most complex problems.

Self-driving cars

Finally, fully automated cars are just a few steps away from daily usage. It has been a long dream for humans to come up with self-driving cars. Particularly, the technology sector has taken immense efforts to make this dream come true. This form of artificial intelligence will help reduce collisions and the burden on drivers. Besides, the car is powered with sensors that aides in mapping out the immediate environment of the vehicle.