This Family Home in Tribeca Is Not Afraid to Be Playful

“Styling was a big part of [the project],” Olivia says. “It’s not just that you place furniture, but you get the flowers, even the accessories, and you turn the table a little bit.” Olivia worked around Elle and her husband’s existing furniture, including several dark velvet sofas, a Gubi dining set, and a pair of Milo Baughman chairs, when styling the home. “It’s all about your eyes, about how you’re seeing these things, and it truly matters,” Olivia adds.

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Sculptural and metallic pieces enhance the room, including a tubular steel chair by local design studio Jumbo, a matching chrome piece, a geometric floor lamp, and a white structure in between the couches. “Everything was used as an art piece. I love putting my interior design skills to use with an art focus,” Olivia says.

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The lounge off the living room was designed like a palette refresher, with neutral tones for a serene feeling with its white sofa, white rug, and a driftwood photograph by Keith Ramsdell. The master bedroom, too, was designed as a break from the rest of the home’s boldness with its white and cream linens that soften the gray upholstered feature wall.

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Palette refresher doesn’t mean boring. No matter the room, like the lounge here, there’s still an element of playfulness.

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The black side tables have oak drawers and tie in with the hardwood floors, with custom white lamps on top by local ceramist Kassandra Thatcher.

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Texture, pattern, and color strike at every moment. We love the marble meets sheepskin meets angular edges.

More metallic and geometric pieces were used around the apartment, even in the kids’ playroom, which doubles as a guest room, to tie everything together. “I wanted to use this project as a way of highlighting all of the amazing artisans we used,” Olivia says.

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The dining area’s round, black marble dining table and green Beetle dining chairs are both by Danish brand Gubi, and were already owned by Elle and her husband.

💡 Do It Yourself

Use rugs as art to add color. Oftentimes homes have too much wall space or too many windows, making it hard to decorate with art. Instead of trying to figure out which art to buy and how to place it, rugs can be a great alternative for adding color and personality. Olivia believes rugs can make a powerful impact, and should always be a priority.

Metallic surfaces enliven rooms. Objects with silver, gold, and bronze finishes catch the light and your eye. They also pop against wood and painted surfaces, and add a contemporary touch without much effort. Try placing small metallic objects like vases and bowls alongside other more natural accent pieces, including books.