The Spectacular Growth of Artificial Intelligence Today

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Exploring the growth of AI that are advancing the industries today

Artificial intelligence has transformed the business environment drastically. What began as a rule-based automation system is now capable of simulating human interaction. Artificial intelligence is not only exceptional because of the human capabilities. As compared to human equivalents, an advanced AI algorithm provides better speed and capacity at a much lower price.

Today, we are already related to AI in some way or the other, whether it is Siri, or Alexa, thanks to technological innovations. Yeah, the technology is still in its early stages, but more businesses are engaging in machine learning, suggesting that AI products and applications can expand rapidly in the immediate future.

Here are few examples in which growth of Artificial Intelligence can be seen today:

AI in Content and news organizations

AI systems are increasingly being used by content and news organisations to discover data from various sources and instantly summarize it into content or supporting analysis for those articles. Machine learning algorithms have been shown to be capable of detecting variations in textual data and extracting valuable knowledge that appropriately summarizes the information contained inside. Journalistic organizations can easily keep up with current events and produce content that accurately summarizes evolving circumstances by applying these sophisticated algorithms to vast amounts of data from press releases, tweets, articles, and other unstructured content.

Super Intelligence

BBN Times mentioned that artificial intelligence is not only good at problem solving but it is also demonstrating empathy. AI has developed spontaneous emotions of its own accord. The company Cogito, founded by Joshua Fest and Dr Sandy Pentland, melds together machine learning with behavioral adaptation, supported by the latest breakthroughs in behavioral science.

The result is jarring to those who are used to AI being a benign force ready to work off dry data, but incredibly beneficial in the high-volume customer service arena – and highly promising when we look to the future of artificial intelligence, and how it can continue to improve human life.

AI in Healthcare

The role of AI-powered technologies in next-generation healthcare technology is being recognized by the health sector. AI is thought to have the ability to enhance every phase of healthcare operations and service. For example, the economic benefits that AI can bring to the healthcare sector are a crucial motivator for AI implementation. AI systems are expected to save the US $150 billion in healthcare costs by 2026. The shift from a reactive to a proactive healthcare paradigm, concentrating on health treatment rather than curing diseases, is responsible for a significant portion of these cost savings. As a result, fewer hospitalizations, doctor appointments, and procedures are expected. AI-based innovation will play a key role in assisting people in maintaining their wellbeing by continuous tracking and coaching, as well as ensuring earlier diagnosis, personalized care, and more effective reassessments.

AI in Entertainment

Today the entertainment industry is all set to undergo a different kind of transformation. AI would make the future of the industry more social, personalized, and entertaining. Virtual reality, ally robots can gradually penetrate the home as the use of sensors and hardware expands. Additionally, consumers will be able to converse with entertainment devices.

Media companies will be able to personalize entertainment to previously unthinkable levels thanks to this technology. You’ll possibly be able to build your own entertainment channel using AI in the not-too-distant future.