Sunday Showcase: Strategies to Improve Your Workflow

There are only so many hours that a real estate agent can work in a given week, thus working smarter is in his or her best interest to optimize efficiency and productivity.

From leveraging CRM software to taking some time on the weekend to plan the next work week, there are few ways that agents can set themselves up for success and added productivity.

Here are five tips to help boost an agent’s weekly workflow during the weekend:

Streamline Communication, Outreach and Engagement

Workflow automation is a common theme on this list, and the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) system should be at the top of every agent’s list of tools. After all, a significant amount of time for an agent consists of nurturing his or her’s sphere of influence.

CRM software can help save on time and effort with features that assist with data tracking, transaction management, lead generation and management, marketing campaigns and so much more.

Honor Thy Morning Routine

Don’t worry about those emails—seriously.

How you start your day can either set you up for success or wreak havoc on your workflow. The housing market is booming, and bidding wars may have you stressed, but developing a morning ritual can stave off anxiety and boost your mood and productivity.

Try waking up at the same time each day and stay off the screens. Make time to get breakfast, partake in activities like meditation and exercise to start your day off on the right foot. Whatever ritual you develop to start each day, keep it sacred.

Block Out Your Time

Failing to plan is planning to fail, especially as agents look ahead to their workweek. Sure, things can change here and there, but having a plan for the week can help any agent stay on track to crush their work goals and stay ready to respond—not react—to unforeseen changes that may spring up.

Take time to block out your schedule by the day and hour—maybe even the minute. Set times for important meetings with colleagues and clients. Pick days for your appointments and lead generation. Block off an hour or more to engage with your sphere of influence with phone calls, emails or social media check-ins.

Also, set aside time during the day to eat and enjoy some downtime—if it isn’t planned, it will likely be forgotten.

Go Paperless

Agents are used to juggling paperwork, but it can also be a time-consuming part of the workweek. Scanning or digitizing documents that you regularly use—listing agreements, contracts, etc.—can help mitigate the time suck and simplify getting the necessary documents to clients and signed through email or text.

Apps like DocuSign and Dropbox can help agents get paperwork signed or filed away for the future with ease.

Scheduling Out Social Media

Managing social media platforms and executing digital marketing strategies is essential for an agent. Spending extended time in front of a screen isn’t.

Instead, planning and scheduling posts in advance can help save time for an agent throughout the week. There are plenty of social media management tools to help agents turn their daily social media marketing efforts into an hour-long task over the weekend.

Jordan Grice is RISMedia’s associate content editor. Email him your real estate news and ideas to