StableHouse Offers Early Access to Regulated Digital Assets Platform, With 12% Interest


StableHouse Offers Early Access to Regulated Digital Assets Platform, With 12% Interest


StableHouse, driven by XBTO, has revealed the early access rollout of its regulated and licensed crypto platform, with the goal of facilitating financial progress for everybody. Users may utilize the site to start trading and investing in a variety of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.

StableHouse provides transparent, consistent rates with increased deposit ceilings for small and big accounts, and also no tie-in, explicit conditions, and high interest yields. The initial rate of 12% is offered on deposits of up to $100,000 in USD equivalence in fiat-based stablecoins, with interest paid in kind.

StableHouse is a controlled and user-friendly platform. Its user-friendly, frictionless digital assets platform enables anybody, from novices to seasoned crypto experts, to save, invest, and make consistent returns from digital assets. The objective of the business is to enable everyone to profit from the new world of finance by increasing awareness and developing financially rewarding tools.

StableHouse thinks that blockchain technology will fundamentally change finance for the better. StableHouse is a cryptocurrency platform operated by XBTO, a global cryptofinance leader. The Company is located in Bermuda, and the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA) has granted the Company a licence to do digital asset business under the Digital Asset Business Act 2018.

StableHouse President Michael Chauliac stated: “Our objective is to enable everyone to profit from the new world of finance by making it simpler to comprehend and utilise. We think that crypto technology will fundamentally improve finance. As a result, our objective is to integrate cryptocurrency into daily finance and serve as a safe haven for everyone seeking financial success.”

StableHouse’s leadership team are professionals in market making and wealth management, having been founded by the XBTO team. The organisation collaborates with trustworthy partners that make smart, well-considered investments in a variety of asset types in order to increase the value of the users’ assets.

According to Philippe Bekhazi, CEO of StableHouse and XBTO: “Through a more personalised approach, StableHouse is revolutionising digital asset trading for consumers. We aim to cut through the jargon and noise to make investing in digital assets straightforward, safe, and profitable. We are certain that StableHouse’s approach to digital asset trading will provide additional prospects for high-yield profits. Above all, we want all of our consumers to feel at ease, confident, and well-informed while investing in digital assets.”

StableHouse’s security and compliance requirements guarantee that monies are held securely. Its institutional-grade infrastructure also assures that digital assets are always available. StableHouse closed a $12 million USD seed funding round in October 2021, with investments from Coinbase Ventures, the investment arm of Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange; Dragonfly Capital, a VC focused on crypto asset investment; and Liberty City Ventures, a New York-based, technology-focused venture capital firm.

Liberty City Ventures’ Murtaza Akbar stated: “Stablehouse is located at a pivotal juncture in the bitcoin ecosystem. International customers may be confident in dealing at this point since the Bermuda Monetary Authority has authorised and overseen the transaction. Stablehouse will be a major platform for financial transactions and the ideal entry point for international crypto asset markets as stablecoins expand and market players want to handle borrowing and lending in natively crypto goods.”