Reasons Your Google Search Ranking & Traffic Suddenly Dropped and how to fix them?

Ajay Durgapal- Digital Marketing Consultant

Is your site losing traffic or are your rankings diving? Here are some potential reasons why your pursuit positioning and traffic have dropped. Traffic can be a kind of revenue from notices. For online business retailers, traffic means direct deals.

Here are 11 spots to begin looking if your traffic has dropped and you need an answer.

1. You’re tracking the Wrong Rankings:

Do you use industry or specialty phrasing that probably won’t line up with what your potential clients know? In the event that your website has been online for a long time, your keywords may not be significant today. Consider your own search result and contrast that with the keywords that appear in your Search Console dashboard. Take a gander at your primary and secondary keywords.

On the off chance that you are utilizing old or conventional keywords, you’re following some unacceptable rankings and need to refresh your procedure.

Another explanation your keyword search positioning and traffic may have dropped is that you’ve lost links. Check your site for lost links in the course of the most recent 6 months utilizing a tools like: Majestic, Ahrefs and Screeming Frog. On the off chance that you’ve lost a ton of backlinks, this may be the explanation behind your drop in rankings. In the case that your inbound links are broken or lost, you’ll need to decide precisely where those links are coming from and why they are broken. You can then either eliminate or replace them.

In case you’re dispatching another site, relocating to another server, or do any underlying changes to your site, you are probably going to see a drop in your rankings except if you have a legitimate 301 redirect set up. When utilizing a 301 redirect, you should ensure that XML sitemaps, canonical tag, and links are additionally modified. A 301 redirect is much the same as a difference in location notice for the web. This notification tells web crawlers that a page, a few pages, or your whole site has been moved. You’re asking that your site visitor be move your new location and not your old one.

4. To fix Manual Actions :

In the event that you see a sudden and huge drop in your site rankings, it could demonstrate that Google is punishing your site. Manual action are applied manually instead of as a result of algorithmic updates. On the off chance that your site keeps on positioning on other web crawlers like Yahoo or Bing, this is a practically sure sign that you are experiencing a Google penalty. Regardless of whether your penalty is manual or programmed, you’ll need to fix the issue and get the penalty eliminated. The most ideal approach to begin is to take a gander at warnings from inside your Google Search Console dashboard.

5. Effect of Google Algorithm Changes:

Google is continually searching for approaches to improve procedures and results by making algorithm changes. Numerous websites have been harmed by these progressions and experienced lower site rankings.

6. UX Will Affect Google Ranking :

Google once in a while changes the UX of search pages in manners that clicks away. Possibly a Featured Snippet sprung up on a search query output, coordinating traffic that way. Perhaps some hunt try has influenced the active visitor click-through-rate. Check what terms have dropped and check whether anything has changed.

7. Check and analyze your Competitor website:

It’s conceivable that you are doing all that privilege yet at the same time lose traffic and see a flux in your rankings. One explanation behind this may be that your Competitor is making a better. You need to analysis your competitor backlinks first. Watch out for your rivals by Competitor and checking their social media action, link building techniques, and content strategies.

8. Page Loading Time matter:

How quick the content on your pages burdens won’t just affect your rankings yet additionally affect your website visitors user experience. At the point when pages take more time to stack, the bounce rates are higher because user would prefer not to hold on to see your content.

9. Unnatural Quality Link Penalties:

In that case you utilize unnatural, spammy, or low quality third link building, Google will punish your site. Set aside the effort to build up a high quality link building methodology to avoide getting punished by Google and develop your natural organic, search traffic.

10. Onsite Website Changes and Redesign Sometimes:

if you choose to update or a redesign your site, the exact opposite thing you need to do is lose the traffic and rankings you endeavored to build. Check the link structure of your internal links to ensure they are working accurately on your new site.

11. Copy Content issues:

Google characterizes copy content as generous blocks of content that show up across or inside domains that are fundamentally like or totally coordinate other content. At the point when content is clearly intentionally copied to manipulate rankings and increment traffic, your site will get penalized. If you have a lots of duplicates pages on your entire websites, it can affect your search engine ranking. In that case Your rankings will endure and your site can be eliminated from Google’s list.