Pinterest Shares Insights into the Latest Search Trends as Pinners Look Beyond the Pandemic

With the vaccine roll-out now well underway, people are seeing the light at the end of the year-long COVID tunnel, which now has mindsets switching to new opportunities, with a return to social gatherings and events increasingly possible, and travel now back on the cards for planning.

Which will be a huge relief. Part of the struggle over the COVID period has been the lack of relief. With nowhere you’re able to travel to, and job security unstable, most people just kept pushing through – but without a holiday break coming up, or a family visit on the horizon, that endless cycle increasingly weighs on you.

Instead of just getting through, people need to be moving towards the next goal, and the capacity to start thinking in those terms could lift a huge mental cloud from our greater consciousness.

And definitely, Pinterest is seeing a shift in its audience attentions in this respect.  

As explained by Pinterest:

While people turned to Pinterest throughout quarantine – with searches for topics like mindfulness, baking and home organization at historic highs – trends now show that same type of fervor, but with skyrocketing searches for vacations, and searches for outfits hitting an all-time high.”

These rising trends could be very relevant for your digital marketing plans – here’s a look at where Pinterest is seeing significant increases in search activity, and the potential opportunities for marketers.

  • Searches for “dream vacation destinations” are up 13x, and “luxury vacation” searches are up 6x
  • New shopping behaviors are also emerging, with searches for “vacation fashion” up 3x year-on-year, while “travel tattoos” are up 45%
  • General fashion trends are also rising, with searches containing the word “outfit” now at an all-time high.
  • More specific fashion trends include “Y2K outfit ideas” (+230x), “60 and 70s fashion” (+133x), “zebra pants” (+14x), and “plaid pleated skirt” (+12x)
  • Trending accessories include “clay rings” (+303x), “hippie jewelry” (+16x), and “nose chain piercing” (+8x).
  • And lastly, parties are back on the agenda, with searches related to “party” increasing 64% from November ‘20 to March ‘21. Key trends include “Euphoria party ideas” (+43x), “backyard dinner party” (+3x), and “party food buffet” (+10x). 

At the same time, Pinterest also notes that home crafts and projects remain popular among Pinners:

“From updating houses for working from home or more space for entertainment, or improving newly purchased homes, searches for renovations are at an all time high. Seasonally, we see spikes in renovation searches every January as people plan for the new year, however this year, coming out of quarantine, marks our highest searches ever for renovation. Searches in Q1 2021 were 28% greater than searches in Q1 2020 and 65% greater than searches in Q1 2019.” 

More specific home decorating trends include “grand millennial decor” (+3x), “indie room” (+132x), “sage green aesthetic” (+32x), and “eclectic home” (+9x).

There’s a wide range of ideas and inspiration in there, which may help to guide your social marketing strategy, both on Pinterest and more broadly – because while these ideas are popular among Pinterest users, they’re also likely reflective of broader trends.

If you’re looking to learn more, you can search Pin trends for yourself with Pinterest’s Trends tool. which enables you to search for any term and see Pinterest-specific engagement data.

Pinterest Trends

Pinterest continues to see steady growth in usage – now up to 478 million monthly actives – and the increasing shift towards eCommerce stands to work in the platform’s favor moving forward.

Which could make this new trend data even more valuable for your planning.

You can check out Pinterest’s full listing of trend insights here.