McLaren MSO LAB Unveils Invite-Only Mint of 2,012 P1 and P1 GTR NFTs

Last month, the luxury British automaker McLaren announced MSO LAB — its foray into the Metaverse. Now, MSO LAB’s first round of NFTs, dubbed the “Genesis Collection,” are set to release with one of the marque’s most iconic cars at the center of the drop.

Presenting 2,012 NFT takes on the McLaren P1 and P1 GTR, denoting the year the world’s first hybrid hypercar was released, this ultra-limited, invitation-only mint is releasing in a randomly-generated pattern, meaning the lucky few that get their hands on it won’t know which NFT or series number they’re actually purchasing.

However, you are promised a digitalized P1 or P1 GTR, and each will come with the full MSO LAB treatment. As such, the cars sport a unique skin relating to the tier you opt for. Five tiers make up the “Genesis Collection,” with LAB Studio: P1 coming with “level one paint and pinstripes” in a 1,000 unit run. Elsewhere, 893 iterations of “level two paint with more detailed pinstripes and fades will be made,” while only 100 “MSO LAB livery in color combinations” takes are on offer. Rounding out the limited drop is Tier 2, a “LAB Honorary of P1or P1 GTR not available for purchase and to be gifted to select members of the McLaren community.”

The rarest of them all is Tier 1, comprising five versions. One will come in McLaren’s iconic shade of “Papaya” with Bruce McLaren’s No. 4 racing number. The second carries the “OOV” license plate, while another P1 in third will carry the sister press car’s “OOU” plate. Coming in fourth is the P1 in full black carbon fiber, and lastly, the rarest of them all is the P1 GTR bearing all the signs of having been raced.

Each NFT is a 1:1 render of the front three-quarter view of their P1 or P1 GTR accompanied by a 1:1 animation that showcases the unique treatment and subsequent credentials, and they will also come with a 9:16 render of the rear shot of their car. As per the inaugural statement announcement, “MSO LAB allows members to access and interact with the car brand’s automotive and MSO teams, gaining intel while also being given guaranteed access to future NFT drops. Early members will be gifted an unseen digital sketch from the McLaren design team, a behind-the-scenes virtual tour of McLaren Technology Center and will be allowed to attend McLaren Automotive events.”

McLaren MSO LAB’s “Genesis Collection” launches through InfiniteWorld on May 11 at 2 p.m. BST (9 a.m. EST) for priority-access members. 48 hours later on May 13 the remaining NFTs will be available to all who want one, assuming not all 2,012 have sold out. Find out more on InfiniteWorld’s marketplace.

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