Job trend analysis marks growth of data science, AI roles

The demand for these sought-after positions continues to grow in importance, according to analysis of job openings for March 2021 conducted by LHH.


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Many tech workers find themselves on the precipice of change: their organizations may decide to continue remote work for the foreseeable future, they may adopt a hybrid work schedule or they’ll return to on-premises full time. But while a recent study showed that most employees said they’ll stay in their current positions, they also said they expected a greater return from their employers, which means if they don’t get that “return,” they’ll be on the job market. 

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Many organizations were hit hard by the impact of the pandemic and, coupled with the safety protocols required for workers who do go into the office, they might not be able to accommodate employees’ demands. This represents potential for the tech industry, with pros looking for new positions and companies looking for new talent. LHH, formerly Lee Hecht Harrison, global provider of talent and leadership development, career transition and coaching, analyzed job openings for March 2021, and its findings can provide insight for tech pros, whether they want to remain in their jobs or if they might consider “putting feelers out.” 

More for CXOs

While the LHH Job Bulletin (where the insights can be found) covers many industries, it does devote a portion to tech news. Here’s a look at what is covered in the report.

This week’s 10 most wanted skills based on job postings 

  1. Communication, 646,575  
  2. Dedication, 455,651
  3. Analysis, 409,243
  4. Leadership, 404,484
  5. Collaboration, 386,936
  6. Scheduling, 358,769
  7. Operations, 356,270
  8. Innovation, 350,042
  9. Written communications, 293,720  
  10. Verbal communications, 288,513

Top tech jobs in top 15 job categories

LHH noted that LinkedIn recently highlighted the top 15 job categories based on demand and growth and offered clients a look at where some of the tech-related jobs landed on that list.

No. 6 Digital marketing: COVID-19, while 99.9% awful, caused a big spike in online shopping, which in turn created a demand for marketers well versed in reaching people online. Digital marketing hires grew nearly 33% in 2020 from 2019. Job titles in this category include digital marketing specialist, social media manager, marketing representative and search engine optimization specialist. The salary range is $48,000 to $96,000 per year.

No. 9 Digital content: The demand for online entertainment went stratospheric in 2020. People sheltering at home binge watched and were hungry for content. Digital content creators were in demand, too, and grew 49% in 2020. Job titles include content coordinator, writing consultant, podcaster and blogger. The salary range is $46,000 to $62,400 per year.

No. 11 Software: With many employees sent to work remotely, being online was everything in 2020. Specialists needed to keep the online world up and running grew nearly 25% in 2020. Job titles in this category include web developer, full-stack engineer, front-end developer, and game developer. The salary range is $77,500 to $104,000 per year.

No. 13 User experience: The swift move to online everything in 2020 meant there was a need for experts who specialize in the interactions between people and the digital world, growing 20% in 2020. Job titles in this category include user-experience designer, product design consultant, user interface designer, and user experience researcher. The salary range is $41,600 to $65,000 per year.

#14 Data science: With everyone reliant on data and its capabilities, experts were in high demand. Hiring for data science positions grew nearly 46% in 2020. Job titles in this category include data scientist, data science specialist, and data management analyst. The salary range is $100,000 to $130,000 per year.

#15 Artificial intelligence: The massive, pandemic-induced employment shifts, layoffs, and business disruptions in 2020 resulted in companies looking to artificial intelligence as a way to keep up with increased demand, while safeguarding their businesses from future disruptions. AI hiring grew 32% in 2020. Some of the job titles in this category include machine learning engineer, artificial intelligence specialist, and machine learning researcher. The salary range is $124,000 to $150,000 per year.

Top 5 tech jobs with fastest-growing salaries 

Apart from the top tier of healthcare, the tech industry offers some of the highest salaries among industries. LHH analyzed popular roles and revealed the percentage of growth between 2019 and 2020.

  • Cybersecurity analyst–16.3% growth
  • Data scientist–12.8% growth
  • DevOps engineer–12.2% growth
  • Technical support engineer–8.2% growth 
  • Cloud architect/engineer–6.3% growth

Companies with tech job openings, according to LHH

  • Novacoast, a cybersecurity company, will expand in Wichita, Kansas. The company will open a Security Operations Center initially hiring 60 employees with plans to expand over the next few years.
  • Pendo, a startup in North Carolina, prevailed during a pandemic-stricken year. The company plans to hire 400 more employees this year to fuel that growth as it invests heavily in its presence overseas and looks to nab more large customers to its platform. There are currently 169 open roles.
  • Infosys will hire 300 workers in Pennsylvania as part of its local hiring strategy in the U.S. Infosys will recruit for a range of opportunities across technology and digital services, client administration and operations.
  • Zones, an IT company, is hiring for advanced technology executives across the U.S.
  • HCL Technologies specializes in IT services and consulting. It delivers innovative technology solutions built around digital, Internet of Things, cloud, automation, cybersecurity, analytics, infrastructure management and engineering.
  • TEKsystems has opportunities for technical PM, product manager, SW developer, QA, mobile developer, Python developer, DevOps engineer, site reliability engineer, video streaming engineer, cloud engineer, security engineer, data center technician, and more.

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