Jay-Z, Meek Mill And Celebrity Friends Surprise Billionaire Robert Kraft With A $240,000 Bentley For His 80th Birthday

What do you get a billionaire who has everything—including the New England Patriots—for his 80th birthday? Rapper Meek Mill, Jay-Z, Philadelphia 76ers owner Michael Rubin, and other celebrity friends knew just what Robert Kraft wanted—a new Bentley.

“How the fudge did you get it?” the shocked birthday boy asked in a video posted on Mill’s Instagram, two days after Kraft’s big day. “Because we couldn’t get it.” The it is a blue Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible that Kraft had evidently been coveting.

The generous friends—who have worked together on the Reform Alliance, an organization they founded in 2019 to transform America’s parole and probation system—were able to find the rare Bentley and transport via flatbed from Florida to Kraft’s new $43 million home in the Hamptons. Kraft, who had apparently been in the market for a Bentley, hadn’t yet decided on a specific make and model, but from his reaction to Rubin presenting it in the video, the friends scored a serious touchdown with their gift.

The Reform Alliance was created soon after Mill was re-imprisoned, due to a parole violation. Rubin and Mill, who are longtime friends and Philadelphia natives, would often discuss the ways in which the U.S. justice system treated some more unfairly than others. In 2019, Rubin recruited Kraft, Jay-Z and others to pledge $50 million to help support his effort. 

As for Kraft’s 80th birthday gift, the Continental GT Speed, which costs some $240,000 without extras, has been in production since 2003. The car weighs 5,200 pounds and boasts a special air suspension system. The turbocharged 650-hp 6-liter engine and all-wheel drive makes the 4-second sprint from 0 to 60 a smooth one. And although Kraft’s model is a convertible, he could choose to drive with the top closed as the double-layered glass deliver a quiet ride—even at a top speed of 208 mph.

Given that Kraft’s friends were so generous, the stakes have now been raised for Rubin’s birthday next month—when he turns 49.