Introducing the Creci Impact Investing Platform, Bringing Impact Investing to the Mainstream, Supporting the Work of Companies Focused on Sustainabil…

With as little as $10, U.S. investors are now able to financially support growing impact businesses and entrepreneurs in the Americas while receiving competitive fixed return of 5% on SEC-qualified offering of Creci Notes

Creci brings successful track record powering sustainable financing approaches in Latin America

NEW YORK, February 16, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Investors interested in the twin goals of making a positive impact and generating attractive income have a powerful new tool as of today, with the launch of the Creci Impact Investing Platform at

Created by the team at Creci, which for the past three years has been providing funding solutions for small- and medium-sized enterprises in Colombia, the Creci Impact Investing Platform allows U.S. impact-minded investors to directly support sustainable businesses solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges while earning an attractive fixed rate return of 5% on their investments, which can start with as little as $10.

Sustainability challenges tackled include clean water, sustainable mobility and energy, education, green materials, healthcare, agriculture and technology.

“Investors have never been more concerned with the social and environmental impacts that their investment dollars are supporting or, in too many cases, are not supporting or are actively undermining. With Creci, impact-focused investors now have the opportunity to put their money to work furthering the efforts of businesses deemed to be delivering tangible, meaningful positive outcomes that benefit the environment and their local communities,” said Andres Idarraga, CEO and Co-founder at Creci. “We are thrilled to be bringing this approach to the U.S. and solving the twin challenges of delivering both impact and income in a way that is accessible to everyone. In doing so, we can reach a broader range of investors, attract more investment to the sector and fundamentally reshape finance.”

Creci brings unique proprietary technology to identifying, measuring and reporting the social and environmental impacts of various businesses. Its robust data and analytics platform not only considers a company’s financials but also takes into account its commitments to its community and the environment through ongoing reporting of impact metrics. The result is a scoring process and social impact measurement tools, which are free for members of the Creci community, and enable the identification of those companies that are both driving meaningful change and are well positioned for positive future returns on investment.

“It isn’t enough to ‘talk the talk’. Companies need to have social impact at the core of their business models or want to finance their transition to the green economy to receive financing enabled by the Creci impact investment community,” said Pravin Rodrigues, Co-founder, COO and Chief Social Impact Officer. “Delivering true impact investing solutions demands nothing less and it is what we believe impact-minded investors deserve.”

“Impact investing should not be reserved for only the privileged,” continued Rodrigues. “In fact, for investments to be truly impactful, they need to be open to all. That is our mission at Creci: fostering and building a community of like-minded investors and sustainable businesses that share in the overarching mission of doing well while doing good.”

The Creci team points to Moksa, Bareke and IMIX as examples of the kinds of companies supported by Creci investors. Moksa is involved in managing water pollution and recovering wastewater, treating more than 24,700 cubic meters of water per year. Bareke produces quality fashion for export with artisanal products, and benefits over 60 people from indigenous communities. IMIX connects financial entities with people who need access to financing for their micro-enterprises and businesses. By increasing service in communities, it has benefited over 120,000 unbanked users who live in poor neighborhoods, enabling them to migrate from cash as a means of payment and transact digitally instead.

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About Creci

Creci, pronounced “kress-see”, is a social impact fintech for the Americas that brings together sustainability and finance to mobilize business to create social and environmental change. We believe that individual investors and businesses have a very important role to play in making lasting change within the existing economic system. We provide impact investment products to the public and credit products to companies that enable them to scale their businesses and expand their impact.


Creci securities consist of promissory notes (“Creci Notes”) that are offered to eligible investors pursuant to Regulation A+ under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. Creci is not a bank, and investments in Creci Notes are not bank deposits. They are not insured by the FDIC or by any other governmental agency. Investing in Creci Notes involves risk of loss. You should always carefully consider investments in any security, and you should be comfortable with your understanding of the investment and its risks. Creci is not an investment adviser or a broker-dealer, and does not provide investment, legal, or tax advice. Information provided herein is for educational purposes only and is not tailored for any individual investor. For more information on risks related to investing in our Notes, please see our latest filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Creci currently cannot accept investments from residents of Florida, New Jersey, Texas, and Washington. We are working to obtain the required approvals to do so. Until such time that the approvals are secured, no money or consideration is being solicited from those states, and if sent prior to such approval, will not be accepted.

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