Introducing Chronicle

From beloved film franchises to celebrities and sport heroes, Chronicle is building a studio and marketplace app for authenticated digital collectibles, more commonly known as NFT’s.

Tim Glover — best known for his work involving digital online fan experiences for Jurassic World (2015) and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) — has co-founded the global project alongside Jim Jin —early investor and advisor to Thorchain — who brings several years of blockchain advisory and business experience to Chronicle.

“With Chronicle we’re building a platform for fans of beloved brands — user friendly, easy onboarding, no blockchain know-how.” Tim explains. “Something we know that works for the studios and their fans, making digital collectibles accessible to millions.”

“With Jurassic World we worked closely with the film creators and studio to create a series of unique digital experiences that were focused on the fans. We’re taking those same principals to create a series of immersive digital experiences — something we know from experience the studios can endorse and be a part of.”

The team already boasts an exciting team of talented individuals across the entertainment and business world — including creative directors Jack Anthony Ewins (UK) and Manuel Bejarano (Spain) who worked on the Jurassic World digital fan campaigns with Universal — and Los Angeles-based Doug Neil, former Executive Vice President of Digital Marketing at Universal Pictures, who joins Chronicle in an Executive-level role.

“Doug oversaw, led and shaped the film studio’s online and mobile marketing for the last decade in an ever adapting digital world. To have someone like him with his experience and over 200 film titles to his name, on the ground in LA, opens doors that otherwise would have been less accessible.”

With office locations being established across the United States, United Kingdom, China, Singapore, Eastern Europe, and Australia — Chronicle is positioning itself to scale into becoming the world’s first truly global NFT company.

Fellow Chronicle co-founder Jim Jin additionally presents a bullish case for Chronicle’s native smart token — XNL.

“XNL allows us to create a fan-led economy inside Chronicle’s ecosystem where users are rewarded for holding our native token” Jim added. “Use cases include premium access to limited edition collectibles, store discounts, community governance, rewards, and more.”

The Chronicle community can expect a series of announcements to be made over the next few weeks with regards to details surrounding high-profile Seed and Private Sale VC partners.

Further details on Chronicle’s community-focused Public Sale will be made in due course.

Fans are at the heart of Chronicle’s mission. We have a track record of partnering with fan communities to create immersive digital experiences.

Unlike other existing NFT platforms that seek to only target the crypto community, Chronicle is the first app created uniquely for fans that leverages fan networks through traditional digital marketing methods.

Where crypto NFT platforms target numbers in the hundreds, Chronicle digital collectibles seek to target fan numbers in the millions.

Chronicle understands and respects the dynamics of working with premium movie brands and franchises and the importance of protecting the filmmaker and creator’s vision. We’ve done this before, many times (and we can’t wait to do it again!)

  • Easy email sign up. No cryptography. No private keys. No lost collectibles.
  • USD onboarding via payment integration partners (e.g. Stripe, Paypal).
  • Premium, authenticated digital collectibles backed by the world’s greatest brands.
  • Buy, sell, swap/trade, bid, and gift opportunities for collectibles.
  • Social media integration to display and show off collectibles.
  • Gamification — build a moat for fan engagement to drive repeat visits and customization of Chronicle profiles.
  • Rewards (XNL) which can be used for trade discounts and priority access to limited edition collectibles.
  • Seamless user experience. Each user account receives a linked wallet for their collectibles accessible by both web and mobile app. All the blockchain and complexity is behind the scenes, resulting in the onboarding of average users with no desire to learn about “crypto”.
  • Responsive, 24/7 user support.
  • Marketplace. XNL is used for the processes of the generation, listing, purchase, trading, and bidding of various NFTs.
  • Community Governance. Eventually Chronicle will be community driven. XNL holders can create and vote for different proposals to guide the development and management of Chronicle.
  • Treasury. Chronicle will use a certain percentage of its net profit to buyback XNL tokens and deposit it into the Treasury for community governance and incentivisation. The majority of these bought-back XNL tokens will be rewarded back to the XNL holders or Chronical Medal holders.
  • Rewards & Bonus. Chronicle will launch different programs where users can stake their XNL tokens to yield extra interests.
  • Fees & Discounts. Users when using XNL as payment for purchase, trade and other activities will enjoy discounts.

2021 — Q1

  • Seed round
  • Branding, UI/UX design, tokenomics
  • Website and social media live

2021 — Q2

  • Proof of Concept begins
  • Private Sales (institutional, family offices + high net-worth individuals)
  • App development begins
  • Chronicle IDO
  • Exchange listing

2021 — Q3 (July Target)

  • V0.1 Chronicle App Release (iOS and Android)
  • First NFT drop + licensed content (everyone gets a share of Officially Licensed NFTs)


  • Additional partnerships & collaborations …