How To Enhance Website Security

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I’m an investor. My current product is with the numbering systems. I’m working on the Hexadecimal to decimal conversion.

Many small business owners either hire a developer to develop their website or do it on their own. In both scenarios, it is really important to take care of security measures. If you hire a developer, you can have a check on the following measures. If you are developing a website on your own, then you can make sure you have checked the following points.

So, here is more information about how to enhance security for your website.

HTTPS means that your website is secured

HTTP and HTTPS are the protocols where your website is served to the
users. HTTPS denotes that your website is secured. You can create an HTTPS certificate from the domain providers like GoDaddy and install it on your hosting. The HTTPS certificate helps you to win customer’s trust as well.

An SSL certificate costs around $120 per year. There is also a free SSL
certificate available, called letsencrypt. You need to renew your letsencrypt
certificate every three months. Once certification is done, do not forget to
redirect all HTTP routes to HTTPS. Redirecting is easy with WordPress, in case you have used any framework then you need to redirect manually by updating reserve proxies like Nginx. HTTPS certificates help the website’s SEO and help your website to rank higher on the search engines.

Do not install unknown plugins

Many WordPress website owners complain about the Japanese hack. Japanese hack is a type of hack that creates auto-generated Japanese text to the website. It is designed for Content management systems especially WordPress.

The biggest reasons behind the Japanese hack are nothing but the installation of an untrusted plug and not using an SSL certificate for a website. If you want to install any plugin then read the reviews first and then download the plugin.

Use a good hosting company

Hosting plays a big role in the security of a website. We recommend avoiding any kind of shared hosting. Amazon web services are good but for a non-technical person, it might be difficult. Apart from that, the digital ocean can also be a correct option. With droplets, your website’s source code remains untouched and safe.

Access control

Access control flow is required when two or more people are managing a website. To enhance security, you can divide users into different roles. Doing this decreases the data security risk. Along with that, you can convert passwords into hexadecimal or binary numbers and then save that to the database. You can also select the best laptops which are the most secured. There are plenty of laptops which are built to enhance security.

Back up regularly

Imagine a hacker hacking into your website and replacing important data or change the back-end code. This may lead your website to some serious trouble. If you have the back of your data, then you can easily update the incorrect files and data with the correct data. Many developers prefer to use GitHub for such problems.

Apply firewall on the database

Keeping the database security is the most important task for any website
owner. A database may contain all the personal information about different users and maybe the bank details.

For that reason, it is really important to take care of the database. There is a solution for this issue as well. You can allot 2 specific ports to the database. If the database gets a request from such allotted ports then and only then database responds to the request. If it receives a request from any other port, then it does not return any value.

There are thousands of ports available in the system and finding out the best two ports is difficult for any hacker.

Encrypt passwords and other important information

Many developers prefer to use hexadecimal to decimal conversion to save
data into the database. There are a lot of ways you can convert hex to decimal. Here is the javascript code for hexadecimal to decimal:

function hextodec() {
      var mm = document.getElementById("text_value").value;
      var x = new BigNumber(mm, 16);
      var dect = x.toString(10);
document.getElementById("ans").innerHTML= dect;

These small four lines of code are for hexadecimal to decimal conversion. You can also use the same for your app to enhance security. Here, in this code, I have used a Javascript library called Bignumber.js so that the tool returns correct answers for big numbers.

If you have also built such a tool with any other technique, then do share it
with us. We would be glad to hear back from you.


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