Digital Corridor suggests apps to enhance your skill as graphic designers

We can all agree that a little design is a must-have skill! A little design here and there can solve a lot of problems quickly. Graphic design is in high demand everywhere, whether it’s for online or print media, designing business cards or logos, pamphlets, packaging design, websites, and much more. Learning how to use graphic design software as a newcomer can be daunting. The more intuitive and simple the software is to use, the faster you will learn and be able to present creative designs. Therefore, Digital Corridor, a creative agency conceived by Narendra Dwivedi suggests that these 5 applications can help you enhance your skills, especially if you are a newbie in the Graphic Designing field.

1. Photoshop

Who says you can’t create creative design projects as a beginner? Even beginners can create crystal-clear graphics with Photoshop without any professional knowledge or training. This is the most popular design software that every graphic designer and freelance artist has in their toolbox. It’s a paint program that works with almost any software, including Maya and ZBrush, to name a few. You can easily remove unwanted objects from the image, combine them, use the clone stamp tool, and auto fix to remove blemishes, among other things.

2. Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is not only a great vector drawing tool, but it’s also great for logo design, creating complex illustrations for videos or mobile devices, and experimenting with illustrated typography design. This software includes plugins that assist in transforming a blank surface into a visually appealing web page. Illustrator from Adobe can be referred to as the graphic designer’s right hand. You can always add a more natural look to your vector artwork by using various Illustrator tools such as paint for curves, strokes, and fills.


GIMP can be used to create professional-looking, high-quality graphics on a budget. GMP, which stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program, is a good alternative to Photoshop, and its set of professional tools makes it suitable not only for graphic designers but also for other technical fields such as camera and production. The best thing about GIMP is that if you have even a rudimentary understanding of Photoshop, you can import and enhance your illustrations from Photoshop. This is the most accessible trail hand for beginners because it is a completely free and powerful open-source graphics manipulation tool that can be used for everything from digital painting to photo manipulation and cleanup.

4. CorelDraw

Are you a beginner in the design world looking for a good graphics editor that allows you to freely paint your ideas into reality? If so, you should look into CorelDraw, a vector graphics editor that is the most user-friendly graphics software for beginners. CorelDraw has some cool tools and functions, and it is so simple to use that you can hone your editing skills in a matter of days. Even professionals swear by this software, which performs tasks like Photoshop. CorelDRAW has recently added extrusion features that allow you to apply depth to an object and rotate it interactively.

5. Inkscape

Inkscape is a vector drawing program that is extremely user-friendly and includes a gallery of artwork for viewer enjoyment. The best thing about this software is that it is free, making it an excellent substitute for Illustrator. Its native file format is SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), and a beginner can easily use it to create high-quality vector graphics. If you’ve used Adobe Illustrator before, you’ll be able to use Inkscape because it has a lot of similar features. It does not have difficult tools or features, and working on this software can be quite simple and enjoyable.

There is a wide range of graphic design software available in the market, not all of them cater to all demographics. It is critical for a beginner to choose the right one so that one can easily turn their creative ideas into reality. If the learning phase was enjoyable and understandable, you’d be ruling the graphic design world in no time, standing out as one of the best professionals.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist is involved in the creation of this content.