Crypto Outlaws Founding Team

With any NFT project it is incredibly important to know who the founding team members are. Too many people have had the experience of buying into an NFT project only to get “rugged” by founders who run off with the funds generated from mint sales, instead of delivering on their roadmap.

That’s why the founding team at Crypto Outlaws is proud to be completely doxxed. Every founding team member has their personal identity behind the project. Not only does that show how much we put our personal reputation behind the project, but also helps the community understand the background of the founding team and why we’re the right people to pull this off.

Zachary Cook // Founder and CEO // zachhustles#2150

Zachary is an experienced entrepreneur, technical leader and sales executive. In the past, he was co-founder, CEO, and CTO of GroupThreads, a dorm room tech company which he grew to a multimillion dollar business and then sold to a larger apparel company. Since then Zach has been a high income earner generating over $10 million dollars of revenue per year as a sales executive.

An avid poker player and technologist, he has been looking for an opportunity to bring poker to the blockchain in a serious way, and now has the chance. As the founder of Crypto Outlaws he brings the vision, leadership, project management and financial backing for the project.

Public Profile Links: Linkedin // Twitter // Instagram

Clay Risser // Chief Technology Officer // clayrisser#2495

A detail-oriented professional with over 7 years of experience in application development, server architecture, and internet infrastructure. Served as the chief architect and principal engineer on many projects in a wide range of industries from automotive to traditional finance.

Spent the past several years building high caliber effective and capable software teams. Clay has experience training developers, implementing policies and best practices, architecting software, debugging complex problems, running sophisticated production environments, and getting my hands dirty in code. Now rolling up sleeves to work on web3.

Clay has programmed over 150 open-source projects. You can view his code at and

Clay gives us the technological leadership and software architecture skills required to execute on such a technologically sophisticated roadmap.

Public Profile Links: Linkedin // Github // Gitlab

Taylor Watts // Chief Marketing Officer // Outlaw#6884

Taylor is a published scientist turned digital marketing expert. By utilizing her analytical background in combination with her creative capabilities, she’s been able to build and manage an ambassador program with over 10,000 influencers on Instagram, build a brand up to over 2 million organic impressions per month on Pinterest, and work with several multi-million dollar brands on marketing campaigns.

Taylor brings the marketing expertise we need to make sure the world hears about and understands what we’re up to as Crypto Outlaws.

Public Profile Links: Instagram