Artificial intelligence, smart urban management on show

Artificial intelligence, smart urban management on show

Ti Gong

Shanghai-based artificial intelligence companies and the latest adoptions for smart urban management will be highlights at the Exposition on China Indigenous Brand at the Shanghai Exhibition Center starting  Monday. 

Shanghai Fokan Technology Co, which specializes in graphic encoding and data-mining capability with its own high-resolution camera with resolution of 1 billion pixels, is presenting its products and solutions.

By combining the algorithms and hardware for surveillance video cameras, it aims to become the data channel for a wide variety of applications related to artificial intelligence. 

Based on research projects at Fudan University and the Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics of the Chinese Academy of Science, it’s now offering airport smart management solutions at  two dozen domestic airports by bringing scattered video surveillance footage in an integrated real-time data platform. 

Fokan Tech said it managed to build cutting-edge optic sensors and image recognition algorithm into one single smart camera which can detect images of humans, vehicles and aircraft within four square meters.  

It’s also helping urban management, especially  large gathering at public transportation hubs and big events, as local governments are pouring efforts into smart city construction. 

“Shanghai has offered us plenty of scenarios to put our prototype products and solutions into real world application,” said Fokan Tech Founder Zeng Xiaoyang. “We hope to build these solutions into role models for future application at large sports events and tourist attractions.”

Shanghai has laid out an action plan to boost the construction of “new infrastructure”, referring to digital facilities such as 5G base stations, vehicle-charging stations, big data centers, artificial intelligence and industrial Internet. 

He also expects more fully home-grown technologies and AI applications would emerge in the coming years to ensure data safety and guarantee intellectual property rights.  

Shanghai’s four key areas of “new infrastructure” projects will focus on the construction of the new generation network, innovative infrastructure, artificial intelligence platforms and intelligent terminals.