AI and ML to Further Revamp the Ed-Tech Sector? Here’s How!

by March 22, 2021

AI and ML

AI and ML

Today, AI and ML are transforming the face of education technology.

Today, AI and ML (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning) are creating havoc in a number of fields and industries, including education. As per report of Ideamotive, according to Market Research Engine, the global AI in the education market will reach $5.80 billion by 2025 at a compound annual growth rate of 45%.

The following are some of the ways that machine learning and artificial intelligence are transforming the face of education technology:

An Approach to Learning That Is Both Structured and Personalized

The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence has assisted in the development of a more effective and time-saving approach for teachers to follow a clear ride of guidance. This has aided students’ comprehension and has gone beyond the criteria of human intelligence. Many ed-tech companies have started to deploy digital programs to boost the educational experiences, as AI in ed-tech helps respond to students’ specific needs. It helps students in assessing their success on various subjects and keeps track of their input.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

It is one of the most exciting advances in the area of AI and machine learning. Many colleges and universities are using this advanced technology to clarify life-like experiences in disciplines such as biology, astronomy, geology, and others. Students are able to interact with different topics using AR/VR technologies that include animations, pictures, movies, and more. This technology has proven to be the most effective means of assisting teachers and administrators in obtaining extremely accurate subject-oriented experiences.

Choosing the Best Profession

AI and machine learning will assist students in overcoming their dilemmas and predicaments when it comes to choosing the right career direction. Many times, poor decisions on this crucial front have resulted in the futures of millions of talented students being jeopardized. Fortunately, in the future, AI and machine learning will be able to save students from the regrettable pain of self-inflicted career destruction. All of these tools have excellent data mining techniques, which inevitably provide deep insight into students’ interests and despises, as well as their long-term objectives.

For Students with Special Needs, AI and Machine Learning is a Boon

AI and machine learning technology have proved to be an outstanding source of education for students with special needs. Many specially-abled students are encouraged to learn the subject through speech recognition and virtual reality technology, which enable them to effectively and ideally master even the most difficult topics.

What role does AI play in education?

AI is now being used in education, especially in the form of skill development tools and testing methods. When AI educational solutions develop, it is anticipated that AI will be able to help identify voids in teaching and learning, allowing teachers and administrators to do better than ever before.

There are several AI applications in education. Both teachers and students profit from the innovation. The education industry will benefit from AI in a number of ways. Byju’s, Vedantu like e-learning sites, in particular, are offering educational institutions a competitive advantage. It has introduced artificial intelligence (AI) e-learning software to connect with students and have more customized tutorials.


Education will be rapidly accelerated in the future, and learning needs will be even more diverse. Artificial intelligence can be extremely useful in identifying patterns before they take root and rapidly adapting to them.

The curriculum of the future educational institutions will be able to adjust as required. Additional teaching technologies will help students without putting undue pressure on teachers, and educators will be able to use their time and efforts more dynamically.