Adding Industrial Pendants & Style to Your Apartment or Home

The industrial style of decoration is characterized and well known for its rugged minimalism, but its use of easily blended colors and materials still give it tremendous versatility.

You’ll be happy to learn it’s also one of the cheaper styles around, as it makes heavy usage of recycled items and limits distracting, unnecessary items. Keep reading and we’ll fill you in on everything you need to know about making this gorgeous style work in your living space.

What is the Industrial Style of Home Decor?

The industrial style of home decor is inspired by the urban warehouses and factories of large, heavily populated cities, with there being little in terms of unnecessary frills and fuss. Raw, bare elements are prevalent with metal, wood, and exposed brick all being common.

The style rose in popularity as upscale consumers began moving away from the suburbs and back towards city centers, remodeling long ago abandoned spaces. This reclamation of hard to modify spaces has made the reimagining of existing home elements a feature of the segment.

It features heavy usage of reclaimed or salvaged materials, and minimalism is a style you’ll often see it combined with, making it a favorite with eco conscious decor lovers. Defined, straight edges are typical, with soft curves being unusual but not completely unheard of.

Bold, solid colors like matte black, dark gray, and white are found frequently. If you’re looking to add a little bit of color to an industrial styled room, look to something like a deep purple or red. You should avoid patterns and lively designs as much as possible.

Industrial plug in pendant lights
Industrial plug in pendant lights

Where Will Industrial Pendant Lights Work Best in My Home?

Since the industrial style often necessitates making the best of the hard to customize space you have, pieces like industrial plug in pendant lights in the kitchen are common. They’re a great fit as they’ll have very long hanging lengths and won’t require hardwiring.

Other industrial style lighting, like floor and table lamps, will also be found frequently due to the fact that illuminating your space when you can’t easily make permanent changes can be so difficult in an urban living space. Look for items with directable shades for more versatility.

How Can I Make the Most of the Industrial Style in My Space?

Keep your color palette neutral. As we mentioned earlier, you’ll most often see dark, bold, solid colors used but that doesn’t mean you can’t add small splashes of color. Just restrict them to small accents and still avoid any patterned designs.

It will work best if your home or the room you are styling has an open plan. If it does not but you’d still like to decorate in the industrial design style, make it work by minimizing clutter and distraction. Get rid of items which don’t serve a function and you’ll add the roominess you need.

Keep the lighting low and in view. Industrial pendant lighting should be heavily featured, not kept out of the way. You should have no problem with this as designers typically give these types of lights longer hanging lengths than usual.

If you’re able to change the flooring, then solid hardwood or polished concrete would be a fantastic compliment and fit the style perfectly. Both materials and colors will be found regularly in lighting and other items you purchase, so you’ll have no trouble blending things.

You can now clearly see that while the industrial style may seem very defined and unflinching, there are actually many ways to customize it within your space. Though it requires more planning and thought than many other decorative styles, it still allows for numerous possibilities if you’re just willing to use some foresight.