6 Things To Know If You Want To Become a Cybersecurity Expert

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Cybersecurity is one of the most in-demand sectors and it will only continue to grow in the next decade. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that by 2029, demand for cybersecurity jobs will grow seven times faster than the national average. 

This is a guide for people who wish to enter the field of cybersecurity.

1. What does a cybersecurity expert do?

The cybersecurity expert or computer security expert is responsible for the reliability of the computer system and ensures their safety.

To do this, he/she analyzes the risks and carries out security audits of the computer systems, implements, and monitors the Internet security system, and is responsible for communicating the issues related to cybersecurity within the company (in particular, he/she communicates the processes to be followed). Finally, the cybersecurity expert ensures technological and regulatory monitoring, such as identifying new risks.

2. Becoming a cybersecurity expert: the necessary skills

The cybersecurity expert must have solid technical knowledge in system development but also in network administration and security standards. They are an expert in computer tools: spreadsheets, software and in particular encryption tools. These skills may be acquired as a network engineer or network administrator.

3. What training is required to become a cybersecurity expert?

To become an expert in cybersecurity, a generalist higher education in computer science or experience in computer science or engineering is required.

For some specific jobs, you are required to obtain special certificates by passing exams like (ISC) 2 CCSP for cloud security or Comptia Security+.

A degree is often not necessary if you have these certificates.

4. What are the qualities of a cybersecurity expert?

Real versatility to have a global vision of the company’s challenges and information systems

Appetence for teamwork, the cybersecurity expert must also be a good teacher and be able to train new people.

A certain sense of ethics and duty, the respect of confidentiality is one of the key points of this job

Also, intellectual curiosity and great interest in new technologies is required as the field is very dynamic.

5. Which companies do cybersecurity experts work for?

Generally, cybersecurity experts work in IT services and engineering companies; there they manage several customer accounts.

It is also possible to work as a freelancer as certain companies don’t need a full-time CyberSec consultant. 

6. How is the job of a cybersecurity expert evolving?

As mobile applications are booming, including in the field of payment, and as all the data of large groups as well as administrations are digital, cybersecurity is becoming an important and complex field. Companies from multinationals to SMEs are aware that the job of a cybersecurity expert is necessary to protect their data and therefore their companies. The demand for this profession should therefore increase in the coming years.

The job of a cybersecurity expert is not an end in itself. It will allow you, thereafter, to reach the jobs of Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM), or Network System Manager.


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