42 InDesign tutorials to level up your skills

Learning from the best InDesign tutorials will help you make light work of creating professional publications, so it pays to level up your skills in Adobe InDesign. You can use InDesign for pretty much any publication you want to create, from glossy magazines to stunning brochures or even whole books. 

But if you’re new to the digital publisher, you’ll probably need a few InDesign tutorials to get you started creating limitless designs. That’s where this post steps in, with a roundup of the top InDesign tutorials on the web, which will walk you through a variety of design projects. Jump directly to a section using the dropdown menu above, or browse them all. 

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InDesign tutorials for beginners

01. Adobe InDesign Tutorial for Beginners – 2021

[embedded content]

This super-comprehensive tutorial will tell you all you need to know about using InDesign. It’s a long watch (over two hours) but it genuinely will have you using the software like a pro, and you don’t need to have any prior experience.

With expert guidance, you’ll be taught how to make a four-page brochure, with all the necessary skills that go into that. These include navigating the interface, adding text, using Adobe Fonts, adding images and more. Handily, the video is split into sections so you can easily jump to the parts you need.

02. See what you can create with InDesign

InDesign tutorials: What is InDesign?

This short video explains how InDesign is used and by whom

If you’re a newcomer to InDesign, spend a couple of minutes watching this short tutorial that explains exactly what the software is, its purpose and who uses it. It’s a really clear explanation that shows off many of the time-saving tools and features of InDesign CC that you’ll probably end up using all the time.

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03. Get started with InDesign

InDesign tutorials: get started

This series of videos from Adobe will help you get started

This series of short tutorials, created by Adobe, is designed to teach you everything you need to know to start working in InDesign. There’s a mini video showing you how to make and save a document and a tour of the InDesign workspace. As you continue through, you’ll learn how to add and format text, then move on to working with graphics.

04. Explore InDesign basics

InDesign tutorials: basics

This 5-minute tutorial walks through the tools you need to know

Need something short? This is the one for you. There are many tools to get your head around in InDesign and it’s easy to feel intimidated by them all. In this five-minute tutorial, Matthew Pizzi introduces you to the primary tools in InDesign CC and explains what does what, so you won’t feel quite so lost.

05. A quick guide to master pages

InDesign tutorials: Master pages

Master pages are great for ensuring consistency within your designs

The basic idea behind master pages is that whatever you place on the master page will all be applied to any other pages that have the master applied to them. They are extremely useful for ensuring consistency within your designs, and once you’ve got the hang of them they’re ideal for streamlining your workflow. Here a basic guide to how to use them.

06. Add and transform graphics

InDesign tutorials: basics

Master the basics of working with graphics

This tutorial will walk you through the basics of working with graphics using InDesign. The four step guide will teach you to add graphics to projects; move, resize and fit graphics; learn about linked graphics and to wrap text around objects. 

07. 5 tips for working with images

[embedded content]

In this tutorial, Adobe evangelist Terry White picks out five key tips for working with images in Indesign CC. It’s a recording of a live session, so there’s a bit of faffing about at the start – you can skip the first couple of minutes if you want to get straight to the tips.

08. Beginners guide to using Typography in InDesign

[embedded content]

This seven minute tutorial gives you a basic lesson in using Typography in InDesign. Ben G Kaiser runs through five basic tips to create interesting layouts and compositions when using type. It’s clear and concise, so if you want more detail Kaiser also has a full InDesign tutorial series on his channel.

09. 5 amazing things you can do in Adobe InDesign

[embedded content]

In this video tutorial, Terry White is back, alongside British graphic designer Dave Clayton. The two of them share cool InDesign-made projects they’ve discovered, as well as tricks and tips they’ve picked up from Adobe events and their own experience using the design tool.

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