what is AI,ML,DLP,CV,NLP…

Pandiri Siddhardha

Before understanding all these fancy and buzz words, we need to understand something else called ‘Automation’.

what is an automation and why do we need it : Automation in simple terms is “Making things/tasks done without or least human intervention”. Need for Automation : Because we are bored of doing the routine things everyday. Look at the things around you, how you used to operate them and now how are you operating.

For example: 1)The mobile phone we use, typically we used to type the phone numbers using the dial pad and make a call. we got bored and then came a touch mobile where we touch the dial pad and call. we got bored for that too and came now siri where we say “Hey siri make a call to James”. The motivation of these transformation is boredom and laziness. 2)Lights and ceiling fans above you, we used to on the switch to turn it on, we are bored of it and then we have connected all these electronic items to our smart phone through Internet and now it is done with “Alexa turn on the lights”

How Automation can be Achieved : Automation can be achieved through many ways. We follow different techniques to automate things for example, a person does name splitting in the excel manually everyday instead he can write an excel formula which can split the name for thousands of cells in fraction of seconds. similarly we use AI/ML/DL techniques to automate the boring things.

For example earlier to watch a film or get recommended we watch reviews of it in articles/videos which is a boring technique now based on our interesting characteristics, watching behavior and popularity Netflix recommends the next movie. This is also an automation, implemented using different technique called Machine Learning. Now we understood the need, lets go into the main topic AI

Artificial Intelligence

Some tasks are routine and can be achieved with simple methods but there are also some tasks where some intelligence is needed to complete them. Intelligence is what humans have but how can we make something intelligent so that human intervention is not needed to complete those tasks. This is where AI has come to help us to solve some complex boring actions.

Artificial Intelligence in simple terms is “machine which acts intelligently” In other words it is the process of making the Computer machines intelligent. There are two kinds of AI a)Weak AI: weak AI is the process of using complex algorithms to accomplish a specific task and it is defined to do that specific with the predefined functions. b)Strong AI: Strong AI refers to a machine which exhibits human behavior and which is capable of learning by itself and taking its own decisions to accomplish complex tasks. It will grow itself beyond the scope provided. To make a machine intelligent, there are various ways we can achieve that. They are:

  1. Machine Learning : Machine learning is the process of making a machine, identify the patterns and behavior of data and learn it, i.e., learning form the past data and using it to predict outcome of next future data. There are 3 ways the ML happens. i)Supervised Learning : In this technique the outcome of the past data exists, through this complete data, machine draws the pattern and learn it. Ex: Regression models, SVM, KNN, Decision tree ,..ii)Unsupervised Learning: In this kind of learning the outcome of the past data doesn’t exist so the machine learns on the incomplete data based on some common characteristics in the data.Ex: Clustering algorithms such as K-Means,DB-Scan iii)Reinforcement Learning: This is a technique where the machine learns from its past experiences. It learns based on the feedback it has got on its action and improves itself to do better in the future.

AI is one of the forms to automate the tasks. that is why it is the subset of Automation. ML is the subset of AI because ML is the process of learning patterns through the past data for becoming Intelligent. DL is the subset of ML because DL is also a learning technique using the neural networks. But what is this Data Science which is common in all. Lets see it.

Data Science : Data science is the process of extracting the insights from data. In simpler terms it is getting the overview and knowledge from the set of data. In order to make the machine intelligent/learn by itself, it has to extract the knowledge from the set of data and learn from it. This is why the Data science is in intersection with all the techniques.