Welcome to GetEquity

A monumental day for Venture Capital as we know it.


Today, we launched a simple new way to invest in young growing startups in Africa, a step in our plan to bridge the startups investment landscape. we have been working quietly to provide a stellar service working on a product plan and building out verticals for over a year.

GetEquity is here!

What is GetEquity?
GetEquity is a first of its kind platform that enables everyone to invest in private and Pre-IPO Companies. GetEquity allows investors to find, create, and diversify investment portfolios by accessing new investment opportunities, trade-in digital security assets, invest in local SMEs and improve liquidity.

How you might ask?
Simple. By democratising access to angel investing by allowing entrepreneurs to crowdfund investments. When crowdfunded equity is combined with securitisation, the funding barriers between private companies and investors disappear!

Why should I use GetEquity?
We have simplified how you support early-stage companies(startups) by investing in tokenised assets that are just as valid as traditional methods securely.

What is tokenised equity?
We want you to think of tokenised equity as digital versions of real security assets. Think of your normal shares, imagine being able to own, buy and sell like you would crypto. The tokenisation of these securities means they’re easily accessible to everyone and are easy and safer to trade.

Can I sell my “token”?
Yes, you can through our marketplace…you put in the amount you wish to sell and wait till you find a buyer ( this might take a while depending on the demand for the companies in question)

How much can I invest?
Each company or syndicate sets their own minimum investment amount per investment round or opportunities that are showcased. GetEquity’s recommended minimum is $100 — $1000 per opportunity, please read carefully documents especially each company’s investment memo as startup investments are highly risky.

Is it Free to use GetEquity?
Yes and No. What do we mean? Get Equity offers both a free and paid pricing system, we charge a 4% commission for startups looking to raise funding on our platform (the global standard rate is 5–7%), we also charge to access some restricted features and we charge a minimal amount in trading fees but apart from that we are free to use and we hope to remain so.

Are you an entrepreneur or someone who is part of a startup that is looking for funding?

Are you an investor with an interest in early-stage business opportunities?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to either of these, then @getequity can help you!