The In-depth Analysis of Rolaz Protocol and Ecosystem

Rolaz Group is not a new entrant into the investment and business space. Since inception, the company has been creating high-value innovations for businesses. With offices in the United States, Asia, and Europe, Rolaz Group offers the best platform for businesses to thrive and maximize their potential.

In this post, we will walk you through what the Rolaz Protocol is all about, how the protocol works, and who are the members of the Rolaz Ecosystem.

What Is Rolaz Protocol?

The Rolaz Blockchain Protocol is central to everything that works in the Rolaz Ecosystem, (the core). The protocol powers virtually everything from platforms, oracles, dApps to smart contracts and every other integration. The Rolaz Protocol is developed and designed in such a way that it systematically tokenizes investments, natural, and financial assets.

With the protocol, Rolaz Group is able to deliver top-notch business approach and investment planning to a wide range of clients. (the protocol allows us to tokenize basically any asset. Today we are tokenizing gold, tomorrow we will tokenize real estate development, financial instruments, other natural resources, etc. This is in order to provide our token community a portfolio of investment while we build a robust and decentralized economy for the Rolaz Community.

The team at Rolaz Group is able to identify potential client challenges and proffer effective solutions. The protocol empowers the team to constantly be on the lookout for potential areas of new investments. Rolaz protocol helps the company to reach people of all types of investment profile within the crypto space around the world, plus it allows our community to gain access to funds in case there are businessman or entrepreneurs who are developing business or products that comply with our vision. Also, the protocol helps Rolaz Group to have a portfolio of tokenized products available for our community or new investors.

So How Does The Protocol Work?

A token is born with a project, each tokenomics is unique and represented by a different token that at the completion of the project is integrated with the Rolaz token. Each token represents a unique economic structure (tokenomics) of a project to hit the crypto ecosystem for crypto enthusiasts to participate.

From an investor’s point of view, simply choose the investment option that interests you the most from our portfolio. In the case of businessmen or entrepreneurs within our community, they can access the protocol for financing their project, as long as it is aligned with the vision of the protocol, legal and financial requirements. If you have a lucrative business idea, you can browse through the Rolaz Group investment option to select an investment that aligns with your passion. Once the Rolaz Hedge Fund Board has identified a new potential business, starts the development phase. Once it’s ready, it reaches the protocol to tokenize using all the set of technological tools that are part of the protocol, and has it ready for the community to invest.

Who Can Access the Rolaz Protocol?

While the Rolaz Protocol comes with lots of exciting benefits and opportunities for investors to achieve their dreams and aspirations, the protocol is not accessible by just anybody. Those that have the exclusive right to access the protocol include those rGLD, ROLAZ, and any token holders derived from the ecosystem. So, for you to access the protocol, you should work towards owning rGLD or Rolaz or any other token part of our ecosystem.

Who Are The Members Of The Rolaz Ecosystem?

Members of the ecosystem are broadly divided into four (4) groups. First, there is the corporate structure with members managing all activities at Rolaz Group. The primary objective of members in this division is to keep all resources and activities within the financial and legal framework. Their actions must align with the dictate and vision of the founders.

The second group are those who manage the Rolaz Hedge Fund Board. The board focuses on the development of the group’s business through market research. The board’s primary objective is to find new investment opportunities by researching emerging markets.

The third group are members of the Rolaz Community. The community members are the company’s biggest asset. The community members are those investing massively in the products and services offered by the company.

Lastly, there’s also the developer group, where those that are technologically-inclined belong. Members of this group are constantly on the lookout for new technological solutions that will benefit the community members.

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