Robby Clark says best way to grow and be successful is by investing

Robby Clark is the founder and CEO of three businesses: SID Developments, a real estate company; eFresh Meals, a meal prep company; and Lawn Care Alert, a landscaping and snow-removal company & many others. In addition to securing income from his company, Robby also recognizes the potential of investing.

After achieving so much at such a young age, Robby decided to help and motivate all aspiring entrepreneurs to take matters into their own hands and start working on their path to success. He believes that one of the best ways to grow one’s wealth and become successful is by investing.

“Investing can provide you with another source of income, and it helps you grow your wealth,” Robby explains. Recently, Robby shared a video on his Instagram page, which explains how he would invest $1 million with Quavo.

In this article, Robby pours his top advice on how to make every investment count.

Alternative Assets

Robby loves alternative and “hobby assets” as he likes to call them. They’re a fun way to invest and many alternative assets are getting a lot of attention from younger investors.

Examples of alternative assets are cryptocurrencies & trading cards. It may seem unusual to invest in Rookie football cards or Pokemon cards, but that is exactly what Robby has done. Pokemon trading cards outperformed Bitcoin in 2020.

In addition to trading cards, Robby points out that champagne and whiskey also make an excellent investment, as they have approximately a 15%-20%+ year-over-year return in many of the reserve brands.

Trending Investments

Then, Robby Clark suggests investing in what is currently trending. He believes that commodity metal stocks and renewables currently make a great investment opportunity and later this decade, space. “Governments all over the world are funding EV and the clean energy revolution. Identify current trends and don’t miss out on the opportunity to invest in them.”


As Robby points out, cryptocurrency is always a great investment. “Personally, I would invest in any cryptocurrency that PayPal is offering to its 300+ million users,” Robby says.

Robby believes that it is wise to invest in each of these four cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. His personal strategy would be investing the most money in Bitcoin and then some in the other cryptocurrencies.

Real Estate

Real estate is Robby’s favourite investment as he feels he provides the most value to society through this outlet. Robby advises buying in communities that need investment capital where projects can be found below the price of the build.

“Over the years, the clients/tenants will pay down the equity in the home, you’re going to be able to borrow that money tax-free and buy additional properties,” Robby explains.

Once you find success in one industry, Robby believes that a good course of action is to invest money in other industries you love and enjoy learning about. “If you don’t like something or are unwilling to learn about it, don’t invest in it,” says Robby.

When it comes to all these investment tips, it is important to point out that Robby Clark is speaking from his own experience.

He is not a financial advisor, and any investments are at one’s own risk.