iTWire – Top Languages for Web Application Development

Guest Opinion: A programming language is a set of specific rules by which applications are written. We all know that language is needed to communicate with people. Speaking about a language used in programming, it is needed to communicate with a computer. As in any language, there is a vocabulary – words, functions. With the help of those, expressions are compiled according to the rules of syntax. They have a clear, definite meaning, understandable to the computer. 

There are many factors that can determine your choice of web app languages. If you are a beginner, the best option is to choose web application development agency services. In this case, you can be sure everything will be just fine. Now, let’s have a look at the best languages for web development that are widespread nowadays and clarify their peculiarities.


Often referred to as the official language of the Android operating system, Java is one of the most widely utilized languages for Android developers. Almost all mobile languages ​ are built on Java, as it has the widest functionality in mobile programming.

If you decide to write code for Android, you will have to get acquainted with this language in any case. This language is supported by the Android Studio framework. It’s essential to learn it if you decide to program for Android. The Android SDK will also help you with this. It is not difficult to find manuals, as well as paid and free Java libraries. So, having a basic set of knowledge, it is easy to create programs using Java.


Python is used in web projects primarily. With Python, it’s also possible to create bots. Besides, this language is widely used in other areas. Machine learning is a vivid example of it. It is easy for understanding, the syntax is easily readable, and the code is quite accurate. Another good thing is that using the Kivy framework, you can compile code written in Python into any format desired.


Kotlin was first introduced by Google in 2017. It was called the second official language for writing applications for Android after Java. Here are the main features and advantages of Kotlin:

  • it can be compiled into a JVM byte code or into a JavaScript;
  • it’s possible to use all existing Java frameworks and libraries. Kotlin can be integrated with Maven, Gradle, and other systems;
  • it is very easy to learn;
  • source code is open;
  • automatic conversion of Java code to Kotlin and vice versa is available in the IntelliJ;
  • it’s a null-safe language.


PHP is a general-purpose language often utilized for website development. According to statistics, eight out of ten sites are created using this language. PHP allows you to create programs in an object-oriented and procedural style. PHP is also a good choice for developing projects on CMS. This language makes code reuse possible. Compatibility opportunities are not bad: code written in this language is compatible with Linux, Windows, Unix, and macOS. 


Swift is a language developed by Apple and designed for iOS, OS X, iPadOS, macOS, and WatchOS. A year after the Swift was presented, Apple made it an open-source language. Swift has lots of commonalities with C++ and Objective-C. Now Server-Side and cross-platform directions of the language are being developed, but it’s more like experiments. 

It also has a very convenient functionality that makes application development for iOS a simple and exciting process.


It is considered a kind of improved version of Java with fixed shortcomings and wider and more convenient functionality.

It’s possible to combine C# with modelling in Unity 3D, which makes your mobile development capabilities almost limitless, allowing you to create not only programs but also games. The garbage collection feature allows you to delete objects that are not in demand in the application, which is also quite convenient. 


By providing the SDK and NDK development environments in Android Studio, Google enables developers on C and C++ to create native mobile apps. However, they are not adapted to the full development of applications but only serve to create a library, which in the future with the help of Java can be attached to the main code, which will significantly reduce the time of code writing.

The code written in C and C++ is launched through the mobile device itself, which gives more control of such elements as sensors, gestures, memory, and others. C and C++ are not easy to study and apply, due to the fact that they were not originally intended to develop mobile applications.

There is an incredible number of other languages for app development, but these are the most well-known and widely used ones. The best option that will help you to save your time and effort is contacting a web application development company.