Essential Things You Must Know About Laravel Development

Essential Things You Must Know About Laravel Development

Laravel is an open-source, front-end PHP web app development framework best suited for website designing and web page app making. Laravel is an innovative technology often preferred by developers due to flexible coding options, a highly secure system, and expressive syntax.

Laravel development is based upon the MVC ((Model-View-Controller) architecture and utilizes modular programming approach. Laravel makes coding a stress-free task by reducing and uncomplicating a couple of repetitive activities commonly used in all web development projects. Authentication, routing, sessions, and caching are among these tasks that are made easy by the Laravel framework. It facilitates the quick development of web apps and offers a plethora of advanced features and benefits.

Some compelling features of Laravel

Below mentioned are a few essential features of the Laravel framework.





MVC Architecture

The Model-View-Controller architecture of the Laravel framework supports modularity. It plays a significant role in improving performance, facilitates better documentation, and permits the use of multiple functions.

Template Engine

The Laravel framework comes with the template engine that ensures to keep the most basic necessities of development handy. The template engine is lightweight and provides amazing, customizable web layouts for any sort of web application project.

Multiple File System Support

A multiple file system support of Laravel enables developers to import multiple files easily. With the help of the Laravel framework, it is also possible to run a full package on a machine without the need to install additional software.

Robust Security System

Laravel is well equipped with advanced security measures to prevent hacking, hence making it an extremely trustable tool development framework. One of its famous security features is the Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm that helps add several layers of password encryption to prevent password hacking.

Prime benefits of Laravel

Numerous benefits of Laravel are enumerated below.





Reduces manual effort

The command-line tool of Laravel helps developers automate repetitive programming tasks, thereby making coding less tiresome and less time consuming for web developers working with PHP.

Large community support

Laravel enjoys strong community support from developers worldwide. As Laravel is an open-source framework, therefore PHP developers from all across the world can access this framework and contribute towards its development and enhancements.

Being an open-source framework also helps to market Laravel faster. Besides this, the open-source framework of Laravel supports easy bug fixing, better implementation of new features, and attainment of scalability.

Easy web traffic management

Laravel utilizes a message queue system to easily manage continuous web traffic. It also helps to maintain the state of server and data integrity. Thus, more requests can be dealt with easily and quickly.

Facilitates faster development

Built-in features of Laravel supports faster web application development and the making of sustainable programs. This overall enhances the productivity of developers working with the Laravel framework of PHP.


At present times, PHP coding language is used as the server-side scripting language in more than 80% of websites including some famous sites like Facebook, Wikipedia, and many more. Thus, the Laravel framework grabs a favourite spot for web application development. Laravel has frequently been the choice of web designers not only for website & web app development but also supports projects pertaining to eCommerce development and enterprise web development.