Entrepreneur Kishanu Karmakar Gives us a Glance of Digital Marketing Ideas

 Often, we talk about the success story around us, how one can go from zero to become a Millionaire. The story sounds good, but the path to success is equally difficult and confusing, only a few capable people can achieve this position. One such young entrepreneur, Kishanu Karmakar who has dazzled in the marketing industry with his diversity and potential. 

Knowing the boom and demand in the field of digital marketing, Kishanu Karmakar, a capable and well-known digital marketer, has been working for 11 years to illuminate everyone with his perfection and uninterrupted knowledge. Kishanu Karmakar, who belongs to a middle-class family, did research in topics like blogging, media, and social media, has appeared to the world today as a perfect marketing expert, whose reputation and dedication prove that the way to become capable passes through failure.

Digital marketing is spreading all over the world, and it has become an emerging global business; and for this reason, the demand for sagacious entrepreneurs like Kishanu Karmakar is increasing in the marketing industry. 

When social media and blogging had not even entered the industry, Kishanu Karmakar had already understood that this is the coming future that will change the way business is done. Keeping its importance in mind, 11 years ago, he started doing research on blogging, SEO, and social media algorithms.

As a result of that, today Kishanu Karmakar is recognized as a visionary digital entrepreneur who helped innumerable enterprises, brands, and individual person. Due to his innumerable skills and responsible nature, he was highly appreciated by the people, and in 2013 he started the firm named SNK Creation (Digital Media Company) – which today has been included in the list of India’s top marketing and advertising company.

Being an Emerging Digital Marketer, Kishanu Karmakar has brought fame to many Actors, Celebrities, Artists, Singers, Politicians, Influencers, Youtubers, and individuals in a short span of time through his efforts and marketing tactics. 

Today digital media, internet, and social media are working simultaneously world-wise, and people of all ages are connected to them, through which millions of enterprises are carrying out marketing through them and with their help, they are helping to find new options in the business. This makes it clear that digital marketing is deep-sea, and businesses cannot cross their boat without jumping into it.

That’s why in today’s era, Kishanu has helped all types of small/big businesses with business solutions, marketing ideas, and technical work. During an interview, Kishanu Karmakar has said that, by embracing the reach and power of digital marketing, many things can be made convenient in the future. His desire to learn and determination has emerged as a better CEO of the company – SNK Creation.

His brother, Sandeep Karmakar – who is a well-known Social Media Influencer of India, also supported him in this work and took the company to the heights of the sky. 

He has always been fond of technology and only then today Kishanu Karmakar discovered himself as a growing digital entrepreneur. In these 11 years of long business experience life, Kishanu Karmakar has not only established his identity in all the industries but has become well known as marketing proficient.

Their specialties include Social Media Management, Google SEO, Media Coverage, Digital Marketing, Social Media Verification, Instagram Management, Google & Bing Knowledge Panel, Content Writing, Wikipedia Creation, and Web Developer. In today’s time, where the value of time is precious; From film stars to international brands, for all Kishanu Karmakar has turned business evolution towards success with the light of his knowledge.

A person hopes to do something by breaking his obsession, only then he can cross the path of success. Apart from this, Kishanu Karmakar is a Social Media Influencer, Content Creator and Family Person, and today his praise is heard from other successful people through news channels. 

It is this thought and ideal that makes Kishanu Karmakar a successful entrepreneur and sensual digital marketer in India and abroad. That is why millions of people are inspired by him considering him as the ideal of their life. To get more updates about his work, you can follow him on Instagram @kishanukarmakar 

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