8 Powerful Steps To Free Yourself From Behavioural Finance Biases – CryptosOnline.com

Kalpen Patel

Hi everyone, thank you for coming back to my blog. I hope you found my last blog interesting and useful, where I covered ‘8 Dangerous Reasons Why You Should Avoid Herd Behaviour In Investing’.

In this blog, I’m going to cover the steps you can take to free yourself from your behavioural finance biases, so that you can make better and more beneficial investment decisions.

Behavioural finance biases are untrue preconceived notions regarding current or potential investments that can seriously limit your investing success. It’s not easy to recognise that you have these biases and changing your beliefs can be a challenging task.

However, it’s worth the time and effort to learn to put your biases, aside when making investing decisions. This way, your investment choices can be based on effective research and an understanding of the true risk of the investment.

Use the following steps to make wise investment decisions by removing the beliefs that are limiting you:

Recognising the issue is always the first and most necessary step!

If you want to know a great way to become extremely successful, try not to repeat your mistakes.

· Avoid making the same mistakes again and again, by fully recognising and analysing the situation in which they occurred.

· We tend to behave the same ways in the same situations until we make a concerted effort to change.

Consider what the bias has cost you in the past and what likely result would you incur if you continued to operate under the same belief?

· Understand the negative consequences of allowing behavioural finance biases to continue to taint your decisions.

Look at what you need to change and what you need to do to prevent the same error from happening again.

· Develop a plan that will allow you to work around your natural tendencies.

· These tendencies are simply a result of human nature.

· Be diligent in order to do better the next time around.

Make a new routine that will eliminate your bias.

· Develop a series of questions that will make it clear if you’re being affected by a bias (questions are a great way to change your focus).

· For example, if you are challenged by Herd Behaviour (always going along with the crowd), ask yourself why you’re interested in a new investment. Do you really understand the investment? Would you still invest if it weren’t so popular?

You’ve considered the negative consequences of keeping the biases, now consider the advantage of changing your perspective.

· New behaviours are easier to implement if the advantages of changing are clear.

Diligence is the key! Always review your decisions to see how they’re affecting your investments.

· Behaviours and thought patterns can take time to change, and some may be harder to stop than others.

· Monitor yourself and you’ll surely overcome these biases.

Continuous working on overcoming these biases is a great way to keep you from backsliding. It’s okay to ask yourself, “How can I do even better the next time?”

· Remember that you can always get better with everything that you do.

· Avoid becoming satisfied too easily.