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When it comes to kitchen remodels, the stakes are high, but the rewards can be huge. It pays to put extra effort into the planning and design phase to get the most out of a project. It might be fine to just update the look of the cabinets, surfaces, and fixtures, but if you truly want to transform a kitchen into a more functional and inviting space, it takes out-of-the-box thinking. That’s where this collection of Fine Homebuilding articles comes in.

The homeowners, designers, and builders who remodeled these kitchens found some unique ways to get the results they were looking for. In one of the projects, the bright idea was simply to build full-size cardboard mockups to visualize the ideal cabinet layout before the design was finalized. In a few other kitchens, big changes in window locations made the projects really shine. But the most drastic design move that paid off was the complete relocation of the kitchen—swapping it with the living room—in one of the homes. Whatever plans you have for reworking your kitchen, you’re bound to find some inspiration in one of these fourteen articles.

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    This remodel improves function and flow—and bucks the status quo.

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    Designers Hendricks Churchill and builder Seth Churchill skillfully expanded an existing ell addition to make room for new cabinets, a kitchen island, and a casual dining space.

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    A small kitchen is redesigned for open family living.

  • 4

    The old ones had the wrong look, they were in the wrong place, and they were too good to toss.

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    A Labor of Love: Do some work yourself and be selective with your spending for an elegant kitchen remodel on a tight budget.

  • 6

    With a better entry, a small addition, and a lounge, a great room is born.

  • 7

    Removing a wall and adding an island improve traffic flow and storage space in a Craftsman-style kitchen.

  • 8

    Austin-based CG&S Design-Build gives this historic home a period-appropriate upgrade.

  • 9

    A complete kitchen renovation doubles the space while letting in lots more natural light.

  • 10

    When a kitchen remodel grew in scope, the entire first floor was reconfigured for graceful aging in place and hosting visiting relatives

  • 11

    Custom cabinetry, a curvaceous island, and unique materials make a kitchen remodel special.

  • 12

    This kitchen remodel pushes the room as a central hub for the family.

  • 13

    Fine-tuning a kitchen makeover with cardboard mock-ups dialed in a delightful design.

  • 14

    This remodeled kitchen with a 1930s look finds room for sit-down meals, cooking lessons, and homework sessions, all at the same time.

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