101 Ways You Can Learn to Code for Free Online

This article has been a mission to collate the most educational, informative, and really high-value for free code learning content that is readily available around the web and app stores. I hope this article can be a bookmark for the start of your programming or web-development learning curve journey. In mostly every case, each of the listed resources is completely free but some may have a further premium version but nonetheless free to use!

This list of resources includes learning tools, books, online tutorials and blogs, communities, and challenges. Check out the contents below.

Learn to code with these online code teaching platforms

These teaching platforms are all completely free to use and in some cases offer certification. Some are in the style of heavy literature-based teaching and some are more interactive. Take a look at the following resources to see what fits your style of learning.

1. freeCodeCamp

freecodecamp screenshot

The hint is in the name with freeCodeCamp, this website is dedicated to providing free, highly resourceful content to budding up-and-coming developers. It has a vast range of topics covered both on the web-development and programming side of the coding stack. It’s probably the single-most valuable free content any learner could get their hands on.

The camp offers progressive tutorial-style courses on topics such as responsive web design, JavaScript algorithms and data structures, APIs and microservices, and more. Each of these topics has hundreds of educational content and each comes with a freeCodeCamp certification to acknowledge completion. You can find all of these courses here.

I asked the developer community of Twitter for their experiences with freeCodeCamp and it’s all extremely positive.

Quotes from the Twitter developer community

‘ I’ve been using freeCodeCamp since I’ve finished my boot camp. I’m right now learning algorithms before I did the array section and it was so easy to understand, I found all the material to be useful. ‘


‘ freeCodeCamp is pretty good actually, the HTML CSS sections are great, even the Bootstrap parts was good and very easy to follow. ‘


‘ freecodecamp, the experience was better than watching videos or reading books.

Especially for beginners, an interactive learning platform like freecodecamp would be the only best choice to go for.’


‘They offer a detailed outline and the structure of the courses is amazing. There blog, YouTube tutorials and guides are one of a kind. I also like their challenges at the end of every course. And what is amazing of all is that they offer all this for free. Without a single cent.


2. The Odin Project

The Odin Project again is somewhat similar to freeCodeCamp in that it has a range of topical courses that you can follow through at your own pace.

One of their beliefs are

You learn best by actually building

This, in my opinion too, is one of the truest statements you could make, there simply isn’t a better way to consolidate coding knowledge into your brain that hands-on-experience.

The Odin Project currently offers tracked-style courses on the following topics –

  • Full Stack Ruby-on-Rails
  • Full Stack JavaScript
  • Front End Development

Each of the topics comes with many sub-lessons that guide you through the basics, more advanced principles, and even lessons on getting hired! The lessons are structured in a way that an absolute beginner can gain excellent educational knowledge from scratch.

3. Educative.io

educativeio free course

Educative is an online subscription service that provides interactive courses for learning to code. In most cases, the courses cost a one-off fee or a monthly subscription but, there are some free courses too!

Here are some you may want to get started with

If you use the following link you can browse the courses that are freely available to start.

4. CodeAcademy

CodeAcademy provides an app-like experience with its learning platform. Guiding you through courses with simples step-by-step lessons that give you helpful feedback as you carry out the tasks. It even has an interactive browser that renders your code as you execute it during lessons. It’s actually an extremely great way of learning to code without having any additional tools, web server setups, and so on.

The platform offers interactive courses on some of the following topics

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Java
  • SQL

This list is certainly not exhaustive either. Each course guides you through and challenges you with quizzes at specific intervals, tracking your progress as you go.

@hmdNetizen from Twitter shared his experience with Code Academy –

‘CodeCademy is an amazing resource like freeCodeCamp. Whenever I intend starting off on a new language, I always love to checkout Code Academy first because of the simplicity and comprehensiveness of the resources there as well as its project-based tutorials. Learned JavaScript, Bootstrap, Github and it also gave me a solid foundation in React. Great resource I must say.


5. hackr.io

hackrio screenshot

Hackr.io is almost like a vote-style content listing system that allows authors of tutorials and courses to post their content. Content is then upvoted and reviewed to bring the best to the top. It has a range of categories which include PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Android Development, C++ and so many more. The website is free to use and is well worth bookmarking.

6. CodeWars

CodeWars is another very interactive code learning environment, which is completely free to use. It has a breadth of programming languages to choose to train with. The cool thing about CodeWars is during learning you earn points that are scored across the community leaderboard. The web application has a real-time server environment that will execute your code with the exact engine it would be in a development environment.

CodeWars currently offers more than fifty different programming languages to learn coding with. Each challenge has a different difficulty rating which you can actually filter by if you want more of an easier or tougher challenge.

7. Udemy

Yes, Udemy has many premia paid for courses available but, it actually has plenty of free to use courses too. You can jump onto Udemy, sign up, and enroll in these courses at any time, no costs attached. Courses from this platform have a mix of literature lectures and video-on-demand content.

Some of their free courses include –

You can browse the rest of their web-development free courses here.

8. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another excellent free-to-use online learning platform that offers a huge range of educational subjects. One of which is Computing, this category spans many sub-categories of the computing spectrum including computer science and computer programming. These categories boast many lessons in video and literature format.

The academy platform not only has a web-based platform, it even has an iOS and Android app to learn on your own smart devices too. One thing that really stands out on this platform is its user interface which is completely flawless.

9. Code Conquest

code conquest screenshot

Code Conquest delivers a more unique way of learning in that it specifies essentially the product you are going to make.

Things like

  • Create a CSS burger menu
  • Create a simple web page
  • Create a responsive menu with icons

Each tutorial-based lesson offers an interactive walkthrough guide that you can view before you get your hands messy with code. It’s a pretty cool learning resource, to say the least.

10. edX

With edX there is a drawback to its free course content, they do not come with professional certification. But, if you simply just want to learn, then this selection of high-value courses are perfect. You can ‘Audit’ courses for free and thereby enroll and take the courses you want.

The courses consist of courses from the renowned Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

You can practice with technologies in some of the following subjects

  • Front end development
  • Full-stack development
  • DevOps
  • BlockChain
  • + much more

The edX platform also offers an iOS and Android app too, again, putting learning materials straight into your pocket!

11. General Assembly

General Assembly not only offers a selection of online web development courses, but they offer free-to-attend live stream learning casts. In addition, their free code resources have downloadable eBooks and other miscellaneous tools.

In summary, there are free courses on learning to build a website, a responsive blog, a business website, and more. In addition, some of their live event streams include topics on programming, data analysis, design, and even careers.

GA is free to sign up and get to grips with their free, very educational content.

12. Bento.io

Bento offers an intuitive platform that guides you into really great curated tutorials from around the web. The platform works by personalizing your plan into sub-sections such as web, HTML, CSS, and further into various programming languages.

The platform even suggests content from some of the earlier resources in this list such as CodeAcademy. Bento is free to use and tracks your progress as you learn. Bento is the product of a great initiative by a principal developer of StackOverflow which is purposed to educating want-to-be self-taught developers.

13. Udacity

Udacity is an online learning platform which is quite similar to Udemy, it provides a whole range of educational courses for a variety of topics, not just computer programming and web development. Udacity offers free and paid courses, so you can still get your hands on some free content. Simply head to their computing section and hit the ‘filter by free’ checkbox.

Some of the free code learning courses include

  • Intro to algorithms
  • Software testing
  • Intro to HTML and CSS
  • Data Visualizations
  • Swift for beginners

If you want premium certification for learning these coding courses there will be a fee, but if not, you can benefit from these free modules.

14. Upskill Courses

The upskill courses platform offers over 200 free lessons spanning an array of topics. The courses cater from beginners to experts alike. Courses such as the basics in JavaScript or building a tic-tac-toe game. The platform even offers derived development content such as Chromes Debugger and how to use it. In addition an essential web development course which goes into many branches of the web development spectrum.

15. Edabit

Learn by challenge with the Edabit educational platform which is completely free to use. Edabit offers challenge-based learning in a variety of languages such as –

  • Python
  • Swift
  • C#
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby

The platform allows you to proceed through each challenge in a game-like experience in which you earn points and progress levels with each complete lesson.

Each challenge is ranked with a difficult rating like very easy, easy, and through to hard and expert. It’s a really cool way of learning to code.

16. Coursera

Coursera is another platform somewhat similar to edX, it offers thousands of different courses with some in association with top universities around the world. You can sign up and ‘Audit’ courses for free but the drawback is you won’t get industry-standard certification without paying.

There is a huge array of topics including some of the following

  • Full-stack development
  • HTML and CSS and JavaScript for beginners
  • Introduction to Python
  • Web applications for Everybody

If you simply want to learn for free and aren’t to keen on full certification as of yet, then Coursera is a perfect resource.

17. HackerRank

HackerRank is another online platform that engages budding developers to practice their skill sets. If you’ve got some knowledge with languages such as PHP, C++, SQL, Ruby, and Swift, you can sign up and practice to sharpen your skills. The platform has an online environment that can execute code against the relevant engines for real-development results.

HackerRank allows you to virtually compete in a scored leaderboard. From each challenge, you solve you will be assigned more points and so on.

18. Microsoft Learn

Microsoft has a huge library of online learning tutorials that are accessible for anyone who wants to gain knowledge on a select variety of topics.

Some of the topics available on the platform include

The platform has over 1000 tutorial-based-lessons to pick from and you can browse and filter to find the particular topics you want to learn.

19. 30 Seconds of Code

30 seconds of code screenshot

This particular online learning resource is presented as a snippet-based learning source. Each section which is made up of languages has subsections with a small 30-second explainer which has both literature and example syntax. For example, in the CSS section, you could learn about ‘Menu on image hover’ in a 30-second explainer. It’s a really clever teaching method and it has hundreds of 30-second lessons!

Some of the languages that are part of the 30 seconds of code website are CSS, JavaScript, Python, and C#.

20. CodeMyUi

CodeMyUi is another valuable resource that you can browse through other developers’ published work. Usually, the work listed on the site has an embedded CodePen which you can learn from. The social-like platform has a very wide range of user interface snippets like website notifications, web forms, menus, buttons, and many more elements like these.

Not only does the website have examples of elements but it goes into animations and effects such as textual effects. In addition, there is a JavaScript snippet section that showcases some of the possibilities with the many JavaScript libraries around the industry.

Even if you simply want some inspiration to build your first website, it’s a great resource to find it.

21. W3Schools

W3Schools is a globally used code learning resource with hundreds of pages dedicated to the many parts of different languages. The site has tutorials, reference guides, and many, many examples. Each example generally comes with the ability to execute the code in a playground scenario in which you can edit yourself and play with.

W3Schools has topics on many topics including some of the following

  • HTML & CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • Python
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • XML

The free to use website has learning resources in many fields and is worth checking out.

22. LevelUpTuts

Level up your coding with LevelUpTuts YouTube channel. This feed of valuable learning content sees video tutorials on HTML5, CSS, and more advanced topics such as GatsbyJS, Drupal, React. The channel boasts over 800 videos that you can view, for free at any time.

23. ProjectLearn

project learn screenshot

This curation style platform curates tutorials, articles, and videos for learning from a variety of sources around the web. Project Learn categorizes into four different segments, Web Development, Mobile Development, Game Development, and ML and AI. After selecting the Web Development category you are presented with a feed of content to learn from, for example, tutorials.

The feeds can be broken down into specific languages such as HTML, CSS, NodeJS, JavaScript, and more. Pick any resource and you will be directed to the content. The website is also very, very slick, and easy to navigate.

I asked the founder of Project Learn @NilarjunDas, what the goal is for the platform –

‘The main motive of the website is to promote the learn by doing methodology and provide learners with project tutorials where they can learn the tech stack while working on a project.


24. Flexbox Froggy

This fun game-style learning platform will teach you how to use the CSS Flexbox style. Proceed through each level of the game (lesson) to complete the course. Learn by moving the frog around the rendered page and solve the challenges. This is perfect for beginners and brilliant for teaching kids how to code too.

25. Exercism

Exercism is a community-driven platform to teach people to learn, practice, and level up their skills. The site offers exercises in approximately 50 languages, which you can work your way through in track-style. The platform even has dedicated mentors from the developer community who will give you feedback and teach you better techniques. Considering it’s free, it’s an absolutely great resource to get your hands on.

The platform currently has lessons for some of the following languages –

  • SQL
  • PHP
  • Erlang
  • JavaScript
  • F#
  • Python
  • Swift
  • Java
  • TypeScript
  • Objective-C

Free mobile teaching Apps

Learn from some of the most intuitive educational smart device applications that teach you many languages from the web development spectrum. You can download these apps from the App Store or the Play Store and utilize them whenever you feel necessary. Applications like these generally come with a more interactive style of learning which can be both educational and fun.

26. 6 Apps To Learn Code

First and foremost, an article I wrote a while back collated some of the best free-to-use app-based learning platforms on both the Play Store and App Store. This is certainly one of the first places to get started when learning to code. Having one of a few of these applications on your smartphone is an ideal way to learn. You can learn when you’re at home, on the move, or even when you’re on holiday, be sure to check them out there are six to choose from.

Learn to code with YouTube Channels

If you prefer video-based learning, then there are some really incredible YouTube channels around to teach you how to code. Here are some of the most popular that are freely available.

27. TheNewBoston

I know what your thinking, what on earth is TheNewBoston? Well, it’s an incredible YouTube channel that frequently publishes video tutorials on a huge spectrum of different technologies. The channel, at the time of writing, has over 2 million subscribers and a huge 462,221,756 video views.

Some of the tutorial series available on the channel include

  • ReactJS & Redux
  • Python
  • MongoDB
  • Git
  • Ajax
  • PHP
  • JQuery
  • CSS & CSS frameworks
  • Responsive web design

The teacher who delivers the videos is extremely easy to listen to and explains things in a way that is perfect for any beginner. The library has so many topics even going into the scope of game development. If watching videos is your preferred method of learning, then this channel is certainly one to check out.

I asked the developer community on Twitter for experiences with this channel –

‘When I first started learning the first resource I went to was TheNewBoston (Bucky Roberts), he explained things with such simplicity and he was really funny which definitely helped me to continue my path.


‘It was really amazing and fun. I had HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery, PHP, MySQL and Java lessons at New Boston under Bucky Roberts and Brad(the one with a British accent). Those guys were really cool. They made me understand somethings I couldn’t understand by mare reading. They were funny and wonderful at explaining stuff.


28. Traversy Media

Traversy Media is another resourceful YouTube channel with hundreds if not thousands of tutorial based videos. The channel currently has just over 1 million subscribers with a hundred million video views. This channel’s author is very easy on the ear, guiding you through a huge selection of topics.

Topics including some of the following –

  • Vanilla JavaScript
  • Data Structures
  • HTML & CSS
  • Docker
  • PHP
  • NodeJS
  • Web development crash courses

The full list of topics can be viewed within the playlist section of the channel.

Here is some hands-on-experience from the Twitter developer community –

‘I’ve been unemployed for a while and made the decision to change careers. I was thinking of Web Development but I knew that I would need to work on my development skills. After doing some research, I found Traversy Media. I subscribed to Brad’s YouTube channel right away and after watching his videos for a few weeks, made the decision to purchase a few of his courses. Best decision I could have made. The way he teaches gave me the confidence I needed to get started on my newly chosen career path.

‘He’s really thorough and covers all parts of the subject. Has videos on all sorts of different topics too. I really recommend his videos. I’m actively trying to learn Full Stack dev and brads videos have helped massively

‘What I like about Brad is he goes into a lot of depth with the topics he teaches, he gives you the theory behind them too. Now whenever I need to know something, I always search to see if Brad has covered it first before looking for any other resources.


‘His videos are really comprehensive. A problem I faced as a newbie was finding videos that didn’t over complicate topics with code jargon that I had never faced before, but Brad’s method of explaining is super beginner friendly.

Brad’s videos took my understanding to a level where I could tackle huge courses and be able to understand the general idea behind a larger more confusing topic. It’s very informative, so much so that before I learn something new, I watch a crash course by Brad Traversy before jumping to the nitty-gritty.


29. ProgrammingKnowledge

The ProgrammingKnowledge channel on YouTube at the time of writing has 1.19 million subscribers and over 174 million video views. It boasts hundreds if not thousands of videos that are compiled into many playlists of varying topics.

Some of the topics on this channel include –

  • MongoDB
  • Visual Basic
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Java
  • Python
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • React

And much more, there are literally too many to list!

30. Treehouse

Browse through lots of free and valuable videos released by a premium code teaching platform. The channel has various screencast tutorials and some really cool animated explainers. Almost with 300 thousand subscribers, the educational channel has had over 20 million video views.

31. DevTips

The DevTips YouTube channel has a huge variety of video explainers from both the beginner through to expert level. Some of the videos include

  • What is ‘this’ in JavaScript
  • How to load web fonts
  • CSS Animation
  • Web Scraping with NodeJS
  • Creating a React App

In addition, the channel has some very informative videos on CSS grids across a range of CSS frameworks. DevTips has nearly 350k subscribers with 16 million video views.

32. LearnCode.academy

You can guess what this channel is about from its descriptive name. It’s a media academy to learn code with a vast selection of topics to get involved in. The channel has nearly 700k subscribers with over 40 million video views to date.

Enjoy free video-based tutorials on topics such as

  • Beginners Web Development
  • Modular JavaScript
  • ReactJS
  • JQuery
  • NodeJS
  • Responsive Design
  • HTML & CSS

One thing that has to work for me with YouTube channels is the voice-over, and on this one, it’s perfect.

33. Academind

The Academind channel at the time of writing has over 500k subscribers with over 35 million video views. It has a range of video-based learning tutorials in its inventory covering many topics such as

  • React
  • NodeJS
  • VueJS
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Angular
  • Laravel

The array of videos has lots of ‘basics’ videos that are perfect for starting out but also includes some more advanced topics too.

Free to use code blogs, challenges, and tutorial resources

The following list of resources is a curated collection of some of the most popular blogs online. Including blogs that offer both tutorial-based and course-based learning. In addition to the mix, there are some intuitive challenge-based learning resources such as JavaScript 30 and #100DaysOfCode. All of these resources are completely free to use.

34. html.com

html.com provides a great tutorial-based course that goes right back into the history of HTML and how to utilize it in modern-day development. Not only this though, but the website also has HTML cheat sheets that are always worth saving and printing for reference.

35. David Walsh Blog

Another great blog that has been around since approximately 2007. The David Walsh blog has tons of educational content spanning an array of topics including JavaScript, PHP, ReactJS, NodeJS and JQuery. The blog has content mostly written by David Walsh himself but occasionally has guest authors sharing their expertise too.

36. Flaviocopes

Flaviocopes blog has many posts teaching you principles, techniques, and concepts in a tutorial-based format. The blog has a spread of technologies in its filters such as JavaScript, NodeJS, GraphQL, HTML, and even topics such as networking and electronics.

37. HTMLDog Online Tutorials

HTMLDog has a range of free tutorial-series that are ranked from beginner to expert. The platform teaches you about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in isolated tutorials. This website is perfect for learning as you can progress from beginner to intermediate to expert whenever you feel comfortable.

38. MDN JavaScript Tutorials

Want to learn JavaScript from the devs of Mozilla? Then this is the right place to gain some really informative knowledge. Starting from the absolute beginner and going into more advanced concepts that will be invaluable to your learning curve.

39. JavaScript for Cats

Funny name I know, but this website will teach you the basic concepts of JavaScript in a few hours. Going into the console, strings, arrays, loops, and much, much more. The educational content provides vast literature, coding syntax examples, and animated GIFs and images which helps you get real comfortable with using the console.

40. WebsiteSetup.org

WebsiteSetup.org offers vast tutorial guides that help you learn to set up websites. In addition, the website offers tutorials on working with CSS frameworks like Bootstrap from scratch. The guides are completely free and are in true depth for any beginner.

41. Marksheet.io

Learn HTML and CSS with the MarkSheet web platform that provides 50 lessons. Fifty lessons are spread across 4 sections which are based on the Web, HTML, CSS, and SaSS. The tutorial-based course goes into concepts HTML hierarchy, HTML semantics, CSS inheritance, CSS priorities, and much more. The book even goes into more modern styling fundamentals with SaSS.

42. CSS-Tricks

css-tricks screenshot

CSS-Tricks is a blog that is really one of my personal favorites, CSS-Tricks has been around for a long time and has useful content in abundance! From an absolutely huge documentation-tutorial base for CSS but also spans into screencasts on an array of topics. In addition, CSS-Tricks have some of the most in-depth guides when it comes to using Cascading Style Sheets, their guide on Flexbox is one of them.

This website has resources in so many fields that are indefinitely valuable so be sure to bookmark it and explore its thousands of pages.

43. Learn Django

Learn to build your first website with Python using the Django web framework with this fluent tutorial-based guide. The tutorial is published by the creators of Django themselves which is really easy to follow along.

44. Magic of CSS

Another brilliant walk-through guide was written by Adam Schwartz. This resource guides you principles in CSS such as typography, the box model, tables, transitions, and more. The educational content consists of both literature and examples which is laid out in an easy-to-understand fashion.

45. Tutorialzine

The Tutorialzine blog publishes frequent hands-on-creation tutorials but also publishes great comparisons and library roundups. It’s a great way to keep in touch with the fast-paced web development world. Tutorialzine teaches some derived topics such as building an interactive credit card and full walk-through guides to building websites replicating big-branded companies like Tesla.

46. JQuery Fundamentals

JQuery Fundamentals is essentially an online course which you can undertake at your own pace. The course goes into the basics of JavaScript first and then delves into JQuery. Touching on subjects such as events and event delegation, Ajax, and effects. The course has examples of both reference style and in code-playground style in which you can play with the code and execute it yourself.

47. PHP The Right Way

PHP The Right Way guides you through many core principles of PHP. With literature and snippet based tutorials, you can browse through its many sections as and when you please. The guide is for absolute beginners and experts alike so you can get the best of both worlds if you want to use PHP as your programming language of choice.

48. The Modern JavaScript Tutorial

Learn the basics through to advanced with the JavaScript language. This tutorial-based learning website teaches you from the start. Explaining JavaScript fundamentals and diving into code quality and error handling. The in-depth tutorial series has 14 sections of rich educational content. You can read all of the lessons online, free of charge.

49. What the flexbox?

What the flexbox is a 20 part video course that is taught by Wes Bos who is a developer, educator, and influencer. The course is based on the Flexbox properties of the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) language. This will help you gain a good grasp on how to make up websites in a variety of ways, columns, rows, etc. Also, the flexbox course guides you to build a mobile application layout amongst other things. Learning flexbox is invaluable as it has so many uses for web development. This is a freebie you certainly want to check out.

50. Learn to Code HTML & CSS

This online tutorial-based course which consists of 12 free lessons. The website, built by Shay Howe, teaches any beginner how to get started with HTML & CSS. The lessons go into excellent depth for beginners to gain a true understanding of how web pages are made up. In addition, you will learn about styling web pages in a variety of ways, adding lists, forms, and media to a web page. A really great resource for starting out with front end development.

51. How To Code in JavaScript

Learn how to code in JavaScript with this mega-tutorial series that is from the DigitalOcean community. The series takes you through some real in-depth lessons on topics such as

The tutorial series offers more than 30 tutorial-based-lessons that are broken down into digestible sections with both example code and literature.

52. JavaScript 30

Another flawless educational resource by Wes Bos. This challenge styled course teaches you vanilla JavaScript every day, for 30 days. The course comes with 30 days of starter files, 30 videos, and even the completed files for reference. If you’re interested in learning JavaScript, this is a perfect start. Wes is extremely easy to understand and of course, it’s completely free.

53. Learn CSS Layout

learn css screenshot

Learn CSS Layout is an online learning course that guides and teaches you about layouts with CSS styling. The course has 19 topics that span from the box model, width and height, margins, some flexbox, and eventually into CSS frameworks. It’s a really fun way to learn with literature and code examples all included.

54. #100DaysOfCode

Take the #100DaysOfCode challenge which in you commit to learn and write code for 100 days straight, no days off! This challenge is extremely popular and has even helped people get hired in the development industry. You can check out the #100DaysOfCode website to see what it’s all about and also see some of the success stories by fellow challengers. Also, you can have a read through the responses from the survey I put out in August 2019, The 100DaysOfCode Interview.

55. GitImmersion

A version control Git learning resource that will guide you from the beginning of using Git. This free online course goes from making your first project, making changes, submitting changes, versioning, and much, much more. You can even download the tutorial files in which you can use as a reference as you proceed through the course.

56. SitePoint

SitePoint offers a range of short and long tutorial-based content spanning popular technologies like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and many more. SitePoint has been around a long, long time and has some smart authors publishing content. Their tutorial based articles are well laid out and simple to follow for any beginner.

57. Scotch.io

The Scotch.io website not only offers a vast range of modern tutorials but it has its own in-depth course pages. With this website, you can learn some of the following completely free of charge –

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Vue

The courses have different styles in teaching with all video, literature, syntax examples, and try-it-out yourself playgrounds. Scotch is a very popular site in the web development world and is certainly worth having a look at.

58. MongoDB Beginner Tutorial With Compass GUI & The Mongo Shell CLI

An in-depth step-by-step tutorial for getting started and using the MongoDB database engine. The tutorial takes you through the interactive software Compass to interact with the Mongo database and then into utilizing the Mongo shell command line.

59. Tutsplus

Tutsplus covers a huge range of topics, not just code, but for this article, we’ll look at the code section of their website. It offers a massive selection of tutorials that span many technologies. In addition, the site offers free courses albeit mixed with premium courses.

Utilize some of their extensive learning guides too, spanning topics like JavaScript, React, Web Accessibility, and Python. The learning guides section has over 300 guides to pick from giving you plenty of scope to choose from.

60. Mark Dotto Blog

Learn some excellent knowledge from the creator of Bootstrap at Twitter and who is currently the principal design and brand architect at GitHub. This blog offers a variety of topics that are written in a tutorial-style.

61. Tympanus

Although Tympanus is more on the User Interface side of the development spectrum, it still has plenty of learning resources. Their tutorial section covers many sub-topics of UI like building an infinity scrollable vertical menu, 3D folding layouts, and much more cool topics.

Tympanus also has an online CSS Reference cheatsheet which is invaluable to have as a bookmark.

62. Roadmap

Roadmap has some excellent infographic roadmaps for particular career paths in the web development world. They are really informative and help you gain an understanding of paths you may want to go down and in turn learn about. The site also has tutorial based articles and in the style of infographics too.

63. A List Apart

This online blogging platform offers some alternate in-depth articles on a range of topics including CSS, Design, User Experience, and more. Articles that have been published are authored by some popular professionals in the web development industry which you can learn from, for free.

64. Learn JSON in 10 Minutes

Learn about JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) in an earlier article written on CodeWall. JSON is becoming more and more popular in the fast-paced world of APIs. This tutorial-based article will teach you about the syntax with literature, examples, and annotated images.

Social Coding Platforms

Yes, the developer community even has online platforms to hang out on! Take a look at these dev communities that you can contribute to, get involved in, and gain some insightful knowledge from.

65. dev.to

dev-to screenshot

Dev.to is the modern-day social media platform for developers. Anyone can sign up and publish their own content like tutorials, technical articles, and news. Content is then sectioned by hashtags such as #react, #beginner #python amongst many more. The community can like, comment, and bookmark posts at any time. The platform allows you to sort hashtag sections by most popular and so on too.

This website is full of valuable content and is worth signing up too, you can join hundreds of thousands of other developers using the platform, and you could maybe publish your own content too.

66. Medium (Web Development)

Medium is a huge platform for any developer to sign up and publish great content. The web development section of houses plenty of insightful tutorials, tips, and techniques for a range of topics. You can give authors a ‘Clap’ which is essentially a like button of the modern social media platform. The platform is full of great authors from beginner to experts alike.

The site doesn’t only have the web development topic though, there are masses of other topics too. Some of which include topics of React, HTML, CSS, NodeJS, front end development plus much more.

Learn code with these free eBooks

Take a look at this selection of online eBooks that can be viewed in the browser or downloaded as a PDF. Some are in serious depth spanning hundreds of pages. You will be surprised that they are all completely free to use! The selection has varying scope across languages but in general, is all good for beginners.

67. Launch School

launch school screenshot

Get your hands on many free online-based books that teach you a variety of subjects within the web development spectrum.

Some of the books included on the school include the following –

68. You Don’t Know JS eBook series 2nd Edition

you dont know js books

This book takes you into the depths of JavaScripts’ core workings such as scopes, closures, types, grammar, and much, much more. It’s a completely free series of books for any JavaScript learner. The author is working the way through the 2nd edition which is not yet fully complete, but you can download the full series of the 1st edition here.

69. Adaptive Web Design eBook

In this free to download PDF book by Aaron Gustafason you will learn about the progressive enhancement of web design and essentially how to adapt to it. This, in turn, gives you a good skill set to build a great intuitive user experience for end-users.

70. A Guide to HTML5 and CSS3 eBook

Another free to download eBook that teaches you the basics and beyond with HTML5 and CSS3. The book was crafted together by Ashley Menhennett and will guide you from the beginning, whether you want to build websites or mobile applications.

71. Eloquent JavaScript eBook

Eloquent JavaScript dubbed the modern introduction to programming is free to download. A PDF ebook aimed towards learning the JavaScript language from scratch. This book starts from the very beginning, delving into operators, types, functions. Guiding you all the way through to more advanced JavaScript such as the Document Object Model and Asynchronous programming.

72. Speaking JavaScript eBook

The next book is again on JavaScript but should be only used if you’ve had some experience with other programming languages such as Java, C#, PHP, and also have an understanding of Object-Oriented Programming. The book is available to view online but can be downloaded in the form of a PDF too.

73. Pro Git eBook

In the development world, there is a technology named Git, this tool helps you control versions of your code in that you can commit new work, revert it and so on. It’s essentially a virtual back up system that has so many great uses. This book teaches you about Git from the beginning which is a vital part of the modern development industry.

74. The Complete Beginner’s Guide to React eBook

Utilize this free beginner guide to React eBook by simply downloading it, no costs attached. The book will introduce you to the very popular React JavaScript framework that was created by the developers of Facebook. The book contains literature and hands-on tutorial-based learning.

75. D3 Tips & Tricks ebook

If you’re interested in data visualizations, then this book is a great freebie. It teaches you tips and tricks for using the D3.js library which allows you to draw charts on a webpage. The eBook has approximately 600 pages with many downloadable code examples to play with yourself.

76. Learning d3.js eBook

Another book for those who are interested in data charts. This book will guide you from the beginning to get started with the d3.js library. Teaching you how to build web charts and feed in your own data in a variety of formats.

77. Book on Building Front-End Web Apps with Plain JavaScript eBook

A 222-page book dedicated to teaching you how to build web applications with vanilla JavaScript. The book can either be downloaded in PDF format or can be viewed online in HTML. The book touches on some very important principles of JavaScript development guiding you with techniques to build great applications.

78. The HTML Handbook

A handbook for the complete beginner, teaching you the core concepts of HTML and how to use it. By the end of this book, you will have gained enough experience to build your own web page. The book has been written and published by Flaviocopes in PDF, epub, and Mobi format, all of which are downloadable for free.

79. The CSS Handbook eBook

The CSS handbook is a 177-page long engaging book that goes into most of the principles of CSS. From inheritance, selectors, fonts, and typography to the flexbox style and grids. The book is written by Flaviocopes whos blog has been listed earlier in the resource list.

Listen and learn code from these PodCasts

Although PodCasts are audio-based, they still hold valuable information, from top developers discussing concepts, coding principles, new technologies general debates. There is so much valuable experience being thrown around in these casts which are completely free to listen to. The other great thing about this type of learning is that you can do it on your morning run or commute.

80. CodeNewbie

The CodeNewbie podcasts release audio style casts in an interview-style environment. People come onto the PodCast to share their experiences with learning to code. The content will be valuable to anyone who is on their own coding journey and is well worth checking out. It’s of course, free to listen to and you can listen as and when you want to.

81. freeCodeCamp Podcast

Not only does freeCodeCamp offer a great platform for learning to code, but it has it’s own Podcast too. You can listen to this Podcast free of charge to learn from the founder of freeCodeCamp, Quincy Larson, and the guest he interviews. Furthermore, you can listen and be inspired by great success stories from guests who’ve made the transition from a non-code industry to the code industry.

82. Syntax.fm

Another great Podcast that is operated by Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski. Listen to their tips, general tech debates, and in-depth technical audio tutoring. The Podcast is now on its 254th episode with new episodes very actively published. There is a lot of catching up to do!

83. ShopTalk

Want to learn about building websites? Then this Podcast is a key freebie to gain excellent industry knowledge from the experts. The cast is run by CSS-Tricks creator Chris Coyier and lead developer of Paravel Dave Rupert. The cast is now on its 415th episode with historical episodes covering topics such as CSS, JavaScript, website performance, and much more.

84. JavaScript Jabber

The podcast JavaScript Jabber publishes frequent episodes, currently onto 435. If you want to keep in the loop with the JavaScript world, then start listening to this completely free resource. The cast not only talks about JavaScript though, but it also has talk shows about other modern industry-standard technologies.

There are plenty of helpful web tools around, but these particular resources will aid you in your web development journey. You can use these Code Playgrounds to learn, have fun, and discover.

85. CodePen

CodePen is somewhat similar to JSFiddle which was listed earlier, the same principles of being able to play with code online apply. It is one of the best code playgrounds available to use completely free. You can use CodePen to learn and play with code, save your ‘Pens’ for reference, and more. One of the key differences with CodePen though is it’s almost like a social platform for dev’s to show of their skills. You can quickly browse other developers’ work to learn from, copy from, or just admire.

86. PHP Fiddle

If you want to learn PHP, then this code playground is a great tool to have in your arsenal. You can tinker with the PHP syntax, execute your code and see the results. You can even save fiddles for future references too. The fiddle platform is completely free to use and is accessible at any time.

87. JSFiddle

JSFiddle is a CodePlayground, it allows you to code your own HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to experiment. The platform has many features including allowing you to save the progress of ‘fiddles’. It’s a great way of figuring code out, testing what you’ve learned, and even saving previous work as references. JSFiddle is completely free to use and as you gain more knowledge, you can involve much more than plain JavaScript and CSS. JSFiddle has ready-to-go packages to use within your fiddles such as Bootstrap, JQuery, and more.

88. Repl.it

Repl is a Code Playground with over 50 languages to be executed in real-life environments. You can play with code, learn, and discover completely for free. There is a premium upgraded version but you will have access to 500mb of storage and can even collaborate with others with a free account. This tool is ideal if you want to follow along with hands-on tutorials without downloading the required software and engines needed to execute the code.


Newsletters are a great way of getting content without even searching for it. Allow top curators to send you weekly emails that have epic new education content in the form of tutorials, technical articles and insightful news from the industry.

89. JavaScript Weekly Newsletter

JS Weekly newsletter is a weekly, high quality curated content email circulation of the latest and greatest tutorials and technical articles in the JavaScript sector. It’s completely free to sign up and will expose you to many great authors around the world. You can use their website solely to read the weekly newsletters too if you’re not interested in signing up for the newsletter.

90. Frontend Focus Newsletter

Another extremely valuable free resource to get your hands on, the Frontend Focus newsletter. The curates pull in the weekly news, article, and tutorials from around the front end industry and push the links to the mailing list. You can also view this newsletter on their website too if you don’t want to sign up.

91. DevTips Weekly Newsletter

Get insightful tips direct to your mailbox with this free to sign up newsletter. The tips mailed out cover a wide range of topics including VSCode, Chrome Dev Tools, and front end and back end topics.

92. CSS-Tricks Newsletter

Expect some special content from the CSS-Tricks newsletter, with content from their blog being posted out on a regular basis. Get weekly informative new tutorials and technical articles in your mailbox authored by a range of influential figures in the web development industry.

93. DevAwesome Newsletter

Keep yourself in the know with the latest programming and development news curated from the creators of Tutorialzine. The newsletter frequently sends out new popular libraries to use in the development industry which is great to keep in touch with what’s available.

GitHub Resources

Somewhat secretly hidden away on the GitHub platform are some very valuable learning resources. They may not always be easy to find, but these hidden gems are ridiculously informative with tutorials tips and more. Here are some of the great repositories you can learn with on the platform.

94. Awesome Awesomeness

Somewhat of a different resource, this GitHub repository has an immense spread of web development and programming themed topics. Each topic has it’s own sub-sections that go in all types of directions including learning resources, plugins that relate to the language, documentation, and much much more. This particular resource will be a valuable tool throughout learning to code and when you are actively in a development role too.

95. Bootstrap 4 Tutorial Series

This mega-fifty-three-part tutorial series teaches you about the CSS Framework Bootstrap version 4. Going from the complete beginner in setting up your first project. Then going into sub-topics such as the grid system, form elements like buttons, checkboxes, and more. In addition, you will learn about column and row layouts, menus, modal, and tooltips. You can view these lessons online or you can simply download it to view offline.

96. Project-Based Learning

In my personal opinion, building projects is one of the best ways to learn. Not only do you learn an array of principles and techniques, but you get your hands messy throughout. This GitHub repository lists a huge selection of project-based learning tutorials. Some of the languages that these projects are taught on are

  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • HTML and CSS
  • Angular
  • Node
  • Vue
  • Game Development
  • D3.js
  • Python

This repository has so much valuable content and you can save it by starring the repository to your account after signing up!

97. Step-by-step tutorials To Build A Modern JavaScript stack

As the title states, a collection of tutorials that teaches you about building a modern JavaScript stack. The tutorial-based guides touch on various topics including Node, Yarn, ES6, React, Bootstrap, Webpack, and much more.

98. Awesome Deep Learning

If machine learning takes your interest, then this resource is an invaluable bookmark. The repository curates content in the source of video, tutorial, research paper, courses, books, and many more.

99. Awesome Laravel

Another great curated resource on the GitHub platform which is all about the PHP Laravel framework. The resource not only links to epic tutorials and blogs to learn Laravel but has links to many other miscellaneous resources too.


Some extra bonus web development content!

100. JavaScript Interview Cheatsheet

A modernized JavaScript interview cheat sheet by Pierro Borelli who explains the answers to some of the most common JavaScript interview questions.

101. A Beginner’s Guide To The Agile Method & Scrums

This insightful guide will teach you about a widely used, industry-standard development methodology, Agile. It’s great to have under your belt and you might even decide you want to use this style of developing too.


In this mega list, I’ve tried to focus on content from all four corners of the web development and programming spectrum. With a variety of educational sources in the form of media, literature, audio, and interactive tools.

There are currently 100 resources in the list but I intend to keep adding to it to try and make it the go-to-bookmark when people want to learn to code.

If you have some recommended resources, please feel free to leave them in the comments with a small introduction or similarly get in touch on Twitter. Help me make the biggest and best learn-to-code resources list!

If you want to contribute your experiences with any of the resources listed, contact me on Twitter and I will add your quote!