Tips on Selecting the Right WordPress Theme

Selecting The Right Theme

When building a WordPress site you often start with a theme.  That would seem to make things easier right? After all, the design is already done and much of the programming and coding is in place. But, what happens when you are searching for a theme and you find there are literally thousands to choose from? What theme fits your needs and design style? What theme has the best options and or functionality?  How do you choose?

Usually, for me, I start with simplicity.  How easy is it to customize and maintain?  I also try to find a theme closest to my design, so I have very little custom coding to do.  This is especially helpful if you are not into coding and/or programming.

Things I think about are:

  1. Is it easy to add a logo and a tagline and can I re-position them in the header?
  2. Can I change background images and colors?
  3. Can I control the fonts?
  4. Can I manipulate the layout by adding or removing columns?
  5. Will I be able to manage the footer and copyright area?
  6. Is the theme responsive (Ready to view on all browsers)?
  7. Does it need or conflict with certain plugins?
  8. How does it look cross-browser?
  9. Is it maintained and updated regularly?
  10. Is it SEO friendly?

These are only a few considerations.  Other things to think about are cost, reputation (reviews/ratings) and whether or not it works for you.  Many times, I will install a few likely candidates and test them all.  Trial and error and past experience will help a lot.  When I find a theme that’s simple, powerful and flexible, I usually try to stick with it.  This helps me became more efficient on future projects.  If you are a developer, building many sites for clients – having a go-to selection of themes (and plugins) that match the type of sites you build the most, will speed up your process tremendously.

For those new to WordPress, still, need a lil’ help figuring it all out. Give us a call or leave a comment and I’m sure we can get you going on the right path.   Not only can we help you select the right theme for your project, we can also direct your way to a successful website.